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Promotional poster for the anime ID-0.png
Poster for ID-0
(Aidī Zero)
Genre Mecha
Anime television series
Directed by Gorō Taniguchi
Written by Yōsuke Kuroda
Music by Takayuki Hattori
Studio Sanzigen
Licensed by Netflix (streaming rights)
Original network Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, BS 11
Original run April 9, 2017 June 25, 2017
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
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ID-0 (アイディー・ゼロ, Aidī Zero) is a 2017 Japanese anime television series produced by Sanzigen. The anime was announced through a teaser video on August 7, 2016.[1] The series is produced by Sanzigen and directed by Goro Taniguchi, and aired from April 9, 2017 to June 25, 2017.[2]


In the distant future, the discovery of the new mineral Orichalt (オリハルト, Oriharuto) has allowed humanity to expand beyond the solar system. On the constant lookout for Orichalt, humanity has developed I-Machines (Iマシン, I mashin), robots that can operate in extreme environments. I-Machines function by transferring the human pilot's consciousness into the robot's operating system; in that sense, the human becomes the machine. While Alliance Academy student Maya Mikuri is in the middle of operating an I-Machine, she gets involved in an incident with mining pirates, and ends up serving as a crew member on their excavation company's spaceship. Soon after, she and the rest of the crew begin to discover that the government has been hiding secrets about destructive forces concerning Orichalt.


Main Characters[edit]

Maya Mikuri (ミクリ・マヤ, Mikuri Maya)
Voiced by: Minami Tsuda (Japanese); Cherami Leigh (English)[3]
A student at the Planet Alliance Academy with a knack for astrogeology. After an accident, she finds herself working with the members of Excavate. Keen and sharp-witted, but also a little timid and willing to let events unfold around her. Having been framed for illegally sharing information about a large Orichalt deposit, she is forced to sign on with Excavate until she is able to clear her name. Her personal I-Machine is a generic civilian model, painted yellow, with no special features or weaponry. After the Rajeev incident is resolved, the charges against Maya are dropped and she returns to the Academy, occasionally helping Excavate with jobs.

Excavate Company[edit]

The Excavate Company (エスカベイト社, Esukabeito-Sha) is a band of Orichalt miners who often act illegally, being compared to space pirates. Their base of operations is the mining ship Stulti (ストゥルティー号, Sutourutī-gō) (Latin for "foolish"), which is built to accommodate I-Machines and is equipped with four large manipulator arms featuring various tools. The ship is capable of utilizing Orichalt chunks to achieve faster than light warp-based travel through a process known as Miguel Jumping (probably referencing the Alcubierre Drive proposed by Mexican Physicist Miguel Alcubierre). Aside from Clair Hojo, Stulti's entire crew consists of Evertrancers (エバートランサー, Ebātoransā) people whose consciousness permanently resides within an I-Machine, having lost or discarded their flesh-and-blood bodies in the past. Existing as an Evertrancer, willingly or otherwise, is noted to be illegal and highly unethical within galactic society.

Ido (イド, Ido)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English)[3]
A stoic and serious individual with a bold and reckless streak. His blue custom I-Machine body is armed with exploding throwing knives and is modeled after a ninja. His virtual avatar is identical to his I-Machine body. It is noted that Ido has no official records, from machine number to consciousness map, meaning he legally does not exist. Ido also suffers from amnesia, with no recollection of his true identity before becoming an Evertrancer. His first concrete memory is as a prisoner on an "exile ship," where highly dangerous criminals are imprisoned in immobile and unconscious I-Machine bodies. He inexplicably awakened with no memory or identity data and was alone with his mind for several years, only escaping when he suddenly Mind Tranced into his current body, which drifted in a capsule near the ship. Ido figures he was a prisoner for at least 20 years and has inhabited his current I-Machine body for seven years. Having no memories before awakening on the prison ship and thus no leads, he had since given up on trying to discover who he really is until Alice arrives. He initially experiences intense feelings of fear and guilt as well as fragments of memories whenever he is in Alice's presence for reasons he is unable to explain until he recalls a memory and recognizes her. From then on, he becomes highly protective of her, as she is the only known link to his past. Searching for Kain Arisugawa to demand answers, Ido encounters Addams, who reveals Ido is in fact Kain Arisugawa himself, stripped of his memories as part of Addams' plans to take his place using a clone body. Addams soon forces Ido into the clone body and returns his memories. Despite having his true identity and past returned to him, Ido rejects the name Kain Arisugawa and insists that he is now "Excavator Ido." While inhabiting the Kain clone body, Ido is shot by Addams. He reaches a Mind Trance pod and returns to his I-Machine body just as the clone dies, regarding the I-Machine as his "true" self and vowing that as Ido, he would stop Addams. Grayman gave him the name Ido from the designation "ID-0," referring to his lack of identity and memories.
Clair Hojo (クレア・ホウジョウ, Kurea Hōjō)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese); Christine Marie Cabanos (English)[3]
Part of the Excavate company and Grayman's daughter, she serves as an operator. She is the only crew member to have a human body and does not seem to have a personal I-Machine.
Rick Ayer (リック・エイヤー, Rikku Eiyā)
Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (Japanese); Douglas Cavum (English)[3]
A boisterous hotshot and womanizer, Rick was once a professional asteroid racing champion nicknamed the "Speed Star" before being paralyzed in an accident. Befitting his past and personality, his I-Machine body is a custom red model designed for speed and able to assume a jet-like configuration. He eventually reveals to Amanza that his consciousness is a virtual copy of the real Rick Ayer, who was declared brain dead and whose body was disposed of after the accident. He exists because of a backup system installed in asteroid racing vehicles, which allows a racer to calculate and react twice as fast as normal, essentially acting as their own copilot. Because he considers himself little more than a copy and struggles with wondering if he is even truly alive, Rick appears as his I-Machine body in a virtual space. In the aftermath of the Rajeev incident, it is implied that Rick begins a relationship with Amanza.
Karla Milla-Foden (カーラ・ミラ=フォーデン, Kāra Mira Fōden)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ōhara (Japanese); Cristina Vee (English)[3]
The group liaison and information broker, Karla inhabits a purple and white custom I-Machine modeled after the female form, featuring molded breasts and powerful scanning and data-gathering systems. Her avatar in a virtual space is that of her former human body, a mature blonde woman. Before joining Excavate, Karla was once a talented but arrogant fund manager in the space resources market and has been an Evertrancer for ten years. Two years prior to joining Excavate, Karla lost her human body in a partial warp event, where it is suddenly Miguel Jumped to an unknown location. Her body somehow ends up in Addams' possession in suspended animation, where he uses it as a bargaining chip to bring Ido and Alice to him. Addams returns her to her human body as promised, but she Mind Trances into her I-Machine one last time to protect Maya and Alice from Addams, where it is soon destroyed. In the final assault against the Rajeev, Karla uses a pink-hued civilian I-Machine, but it is quickly destroyed, returning her to her human body. After the Rajeev incident, Karla becomes the CEO of MT Industries and uses her wealth to help society.
Grayman (グレイマン, Gureiman)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japanese); Keith Silverstein (English)[3]
The boss of Excavate and Stulti's captain, Grayman's I-Machine is a custom green and gray model with four extra sub-arms hidden in the shoulder armor. His avatar in a virtual space resembles his former human body, a tanned, well-built man. Grayman is a former United Planets Force captain who lost 740 crewmembers and a state of the art ship in an unknown incident. His real name is Jake Hojo (ジェイク・ホウジョウ, Jeiku Hōjō). He gave himself the name "Grayman" because he considers "Jake Hojo" to be dead.
Fa-Loser (ファルザ, Faruza)
Voiced by: Ari Ozawa (Japanese); Cristina Vee (English)[3]
A member of an endangered species of small quadrupeds from the Cetus system, Fa-Loser inhabits a pink, rabbit-like I-Machine and behaves much like a dog. Before becoming an Evertrancer, it was used as an experimental animal by Kain Arisugawa. Its virtual avatar resembles its I-Machine body. Fa-Loser dislikes Rick for undisclosed reasons, but they seem to have reconciled in the wake of the Rajeev incident.

United Planets Force[edit]

Amanza Volchkova (アマンザ・ボルチコワ, Amanza Boruchikowa)
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese); Anne Yatco (English)[4]
A lieutenant in the United Planets Force Army stationed on the battleship Marito (マリトー, Maritō) and assigned to the "83rd Reconnaissance-in-Force Company" with the call sign "Recon Zero One," Amanza participates in a shakedown intending to detain Excavate after they recover a peculiar Orichalt deposit. During Stulti's escape via a "Miguel Out" while in the Miguel Line, her I-Machine is caught in the area of effect and is separated from Marito. Maya manages to recover the pod containing her human body, which is also taken along in the jump, and brings it on board Stulti. Amanza reluctantly decides to cooperate with Excavate after a brief period of distrust, drawn to the many mysteries that surround them. According to Sam Taylor of the organization Observer, Amanza is wanted for desertion by the United Planets Force military because of the circumstances that led to her allying with Excavate. Amanza's personal I-Machine is a variant of a standard military model, colored purple and armed with a beam rifle. This body is destroyed during the final push to the Rajeev core, but is replaced by an identical model some time afterward. Amanza leaves the Army and remains with Excavate after the Rajeev incident, mostly because of her newfound relationship with Rick.
Cecilia Ginney (チェチリア・ギニー, Chechiria Ginī)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki (Japanese); Cindy Robinson (English)[3]
An admiral in the United Planets Force Army who leads the assault on the Rajeev.
Anai (アナイ, Anai)
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese); Johanna Luis (English)

Planet Alliance Academy[edit]

Attomy Kinsberg (アットミー・キンズバーグ, Attomī Kinzubāgu)
Voiced by: Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese); Michael Chapman (English)[3]
A professor of astrogeology and Maya Mikuri's former instructor. He betrays Maya and leaves her for dead when an excavation mission goes wrong and Excavate Company arrives, later framing her for illegally sharing information about the dig site.
Romanov (ロマノフ, Romanofu)
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano (Japanese); Tony Azzolino (English)[3]
Kinsberg's assistant, Romanov assists Kinsberg's plans when they abandon Maya and frame her.


Kain Arisugawa (ケイン・アリスガワ, Kein Arisugawa)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese); Kyle McCarley (English)[3]
The creator of the Mind Trance system that allows for the use of I-Machines. It is later revealed that Addams Forte Chevalier took on Kain Arisugawa's identity several years ago and that Ido is the true Kain Arisugawa. Kain was an arrogant and egotistical man obsessed with gathering data, willing to intentionally sacrifice 90% of humanity for the sake of researching and controlling Orichalt and the wandering planets known as Rajeev, which are ancient alien constructs that hunt down Orichalt. He secretly uses Alice, the terminally ill daughter of colleague Jennifer Record, as a test subject in order to create an "Orillian" as part of this plan. Kain's utter lack of regard for human life and the revelation that Alice's fate was intentional causes his longtime friend Addams to snap and force him into an intentionally flawed Mind Trance, stripping his memories and imprisoning him in an immobile I-Machine body. However, Kain had a contingency plan in place to deliver a specially designed I-Machine that completely lacked identification data specifically to recover his consciousness with the designation "ID-0." As Ido many years later, he encounters Addams again, who returns his memories, though Ido rejects his past life as Kain Arisugawa. Through Kain's memories, Ido realizes that the Rajeev adapt and evolve, making it impossible to permanently defeat them and that the true solution is mutual understanding.
Zephyr (ゼファ, Zefa)
Voiced by: Taishi Murata
An information broker who Karla often contacts for information regarding Orichalt locations.
Urakuo Hakubi (白眉 有楽翁, Hakubi Urakuō)
Voiced by: Mugihito
An old man who frequently converses with Addams about various events. He believes the Rajeev wandering planets and Alice's appearance are because of Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Shinto god of chaos. He is revealed to be part of a society of elites who achieve virtual immortality by transferring to young clone bodies just before death with the side-effect of losing a percentage of memories with each transfer. His organization wished to achieve true immortality by becoming Orillians. He is killed in an explosion just after transferring to a new body.
Addams Forte Chevalier (アダムス・フォルテ・シュヴァリエ, Adamusu Forute Shuvarie)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese); Christopher Corey Smith (English)[3]
A man with albinism wearing a golden mask who is often seen observing the events surrounding Excavate and the wandering planet Rajeev. His body is actually the third clone of Kain Arisugawa's body, which he refers to as "Triwaker," and he has taken Kain's identity for his own, occasionally transferring his mind to clones of Kain to remain young. He possesses a custom white and gold I-Machine modeled after a knight, featuring an energy cape and human-like face and armed with a scepter-like weapon. Addams' mask is a state-of-the-art portable Mind Trance device, which allows him to Mind Trance without needing to use a standard pod. Addams was once Kain Arisugawa's closest friend and colleague, but the incident that led to Alice becoming an Orillian drove him to madness. He intends to use Alice to stop or control the Rajeev and force Kain, now Ido, to atone for his sins. He enacts his plan by creating multiple artificial Orillian clones of himself and using them as warheads, injecting his consciousness like a virus into the Rajeev, not realizing they are capable of adapting. Addams also possesses his original body, which he transfers to after being defeated in battle with Ido. He also possesses another portable MT System device in the shape of a pistol which is aimed at the head and fired, killing his human body at the moment of transfer. In a last-ditch effort to control the amassed Rajeev, Addams Mind Trances with the Orichalt core, reuniting with both Alice and Jennifer. He has one last conversation with Ido before fully merging with the Rajeev consciousness, acknowledging that Kain Arisugawa is truly gone and addressing Ido by name for the first time, thanking him for everything.
Alice (アリス, Arisu)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda (Japanese); Cassandra Lee Morris (English)[3]
A young girl who suddenly appeared out of a peculiar Orichalt deposit brought on board Stulti. She appears as a human girl around four years of age wearing catgirl accessories and possessing a playful, curious demeanor. She is, however, apparently incapable of speech and her body chemistry is noted to contain more silicon than a normal human's. Ido initially experiences intense feelings of fear and guilt as well as flashes of fragmented memories whenever in her presence. After saving her from being spaced and captured by a Rajeev within an Orichalt cloud, Ido recalls a memory and identifies her as Alice, a young girl he apparently knew in the past. She is constantly surrounded by a self-repairing crystalline film of Orichalt, enclosing her body in an airtight layer that allows her to survive in a vacuum. She possesses the ability to control this film, able to extend it to partially cover another person. It is later revealed that Alice is a being known as an "Orillian," a human form shaped from Orichalt and inhabited by a human consciousness. Alice is the daughter of Jennifer Record, a colleague of Kain Arisugawa and Addams Forte Chevalier. As a human, she was afflicted with a terminal illness which made her physically weak. Kain developed a plan to permanently transfer her mind to an I-Machine to allow her to survive, but intentionally botched the Mind Trance process to fuse her consciousness with Orichalt, intending to use the resulting being to control the Rajeev. The new being Miguel Jumped to an unknown location, remaining undiscovered until Excavate recovers her years later. Alice's fragmented consciousness is eventually reunited within the Rajeev core, restoring her full personality and reuniting her with her mother.
Sam Taylor (サム・テイラー, Samu Teirā)
Voiced by: Isshin Chiba (Japanese); Bryce Papenbrook (English)[3]
A member of the group Observer (オブザーバー, Obuzābā), tasked with ensuring various spacefaring organizations adhere to galactic treaties. He approaches Excavate promising to get them pardoned for all of their various crimes and clear Maya's name. This, however, is only a front to distract the crew long enough to attempt to kidnap Alice, intending to experiment on her. He possesses the strange ability to read someone's mind simply by making eye contact with them, even if they are operating an I-Machine. Through this ability, he is able to identify Ido as an "enemy of humanity" and seems to recognize him. He is killed by Rajeev fragments before Ido is able to get more information out of him. The crew of Excavate later determine that because of the physical similarities, Sam Taylor is potentially a clone of Kain Arisugawa, the creator of the Mind Trance system, a fact Addams later confirms.
Jennifer Record (ジェニファー・レコード, Jenifā Rekōdo)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese); Reba Buhr (English)[3]
Alice's mother and a former colleague of Kain Arisugawa and Addams Forte Chevalier. Alice's apparent death and disappearance during a Mind Trance experiment mentally and emotionally breaks her. Kain hints that Addams had some romantic attraction to Jennifer after Alice's disappearance, though Addams later reveals to Ido that Jennifer was attracted to Kain. Consumed by anguish, Jennifer Mind Trances in the same manner as Alice, merging her consciousness with Orichalt in order to search for her daughter within the Rajeev's collective consciousness. To this end, she connects with Alice's body, using it at a catalyst to restore her daughter's fragmented consciousness and joining together with her and Addams within the Rajeev.
Kicho (奇蝶, Kichō)
Voiced by: Mami Koyama
An acquaintance of Urakuo Hakubi who briefly speaks with him after he transfers to a young clone body. She is killed in an explosion shortly after they converse.

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Mind Trance"
"Konpaku Seni" (魂魄遷移) 
April 9, 2017
Maya Mikuri, a young astrogeology student, is working with a Planet Alliance Academy excavation team led by Professor Attomy Kinsberg, mining for Orichalt ore on a remote asteroid. The excavation crew enter the MT (Mind Trance) System units which transfer their consciousness into I-Machines allowing them to operate in space without life support. While at the mine site, an explosion occurs and Maya's I-Machine is blasted into space. The rest of the Academy team escape the blast and leave the asteroid, deserting Maya's I-Machine but taking her body in the MT Unit with them. Her I-Machine is rescued by the Excavate Company, Orichalt pirates led by Grayman. Grayman's team extract the ore and take Maya's I-Machine with them in their ship, the Stulti. Using her astrogeology knowledge, Maya helps Grayman's team retrieve ore from another asteroid which is being illegally mined by a Fujima Corporation crew. Suddenly, the Planet Federation's 7th Cosmic Fleet arrive to apprehend the Fujima crew. Grayman's team retreat, but later they retrieve Maya's MT Unit and return her conscious to her body. 
2 "Formless Minerals"
"Jikū Kessetsu" (時空結節) 
April 16, 2017
Addams thinks back to the time when Mind Trance System was created, enabling humans to transfer their consciousness into I-Machines and work in dangerous or inhospitable conditions for a huge reduction in risk and cost. In the present, Maya is on-board the Excavate Company ship where they hear that Professor Attomy has declared that a student illegally divulged information, shifting the blame for the illegal operation to Maya. She agrees to become part of the Excavate crew until she can repay them for rescuing her. Meanwhile the Addams receives news of a large Orichalt deposit on a new planet. At the same time, the Excavate Company receives the data from Planet Work who wants to engage them as subcontractors. The operation is risky due to a surrounding Miguel storm and dense asteroid belt. Ido and Maya's I-Machines land and they begin to search, but they are caught in a Miguel storm burst and Ido is injured. Maya learns that he is an Evertrancer - an I-Machine with no body. Maya does a mind-out, returning to her body, so that Ido can use her I-Machine parts and continue to the Orichalt deposit. He extracts the Orichalt core and returns to the Stulti, but when they examine it, they find a young girl, Alice, inside it. 
3 "Miguel Line"
"Kūbaku Kairō" (空漠回廊) 
April 23, 2017
The Excavate Company try to understand the phenomenon of Alice existing inside the Orichalt. Meanwhile the Marito, Federation battleship, appears looking for the Orichalt. The military led by Lieutenant Amanza Volchkova seize the Stulti and its crew, and discover that the entire crew are Evertrancers. The military seize the Orichalt and capture Alice, but before the Excavate crew can be taken into custody, a meteor storm hits the Federation ship. During the confusion, the Excavate crew lay charges for a series of explosions to free the Stulti and when Maya distracts their captors, the crew manage to make a Miguel Jump and escape the Federation ship. This action confirms Maya's status as a full-fledged fugitive. During the jump Lieutenant Amanza Volchkova's I-Machine is caught within the area of effect and is transported along with the Stulti. Maya manages to recover the MT pod containing Amanza's human body, which was taken along in the jump with fragments of the Marito, and brings it on board the Stulti. 
4 "Singular Tactics"
"Teni Kishū" (転移奇襲) 
April 30, 2017
Addams reviews the recent information about the Excavate Company and its escape from the Marito. Aboard the Stulti, the Excavate crew question Amanza using their avatars and discuss the sudden appearance of the meteor shower that hit the Marito, During the discussion she manages to escape, capturing Maya and Alice. Just then a Gravity Wave appears similar to the one that created the previous meteor shower. One of the two satellites from the planet materializes and sends a shower of rocks toward the Stulti. The crew head out to intercept the rocks before they hit the ship. Amanza agrees to free Maya and they activate their I-Machines to assist in the defense. Ido risks his life to explode one of the larger rocks to create a collision chain. He tells Amanza that he does not know his name and has no memory of the past and impresses Amanza with his selflessness. She suspects that his previous existence may have been erased on purpose. 
5 "Ore with Free Will"
"Kesshō Yōjo" (結晶幼女) 
May 7, 2017
The Stulti warps back into normal space, but the threatening satellite appears to be following them. They think that it may be linked to Alice, to whom they have given the code name Ore. Maya suggests that someone's memories are also contained within the Orichalt they retrieved from the planet. Amanza questions Ido about his past, but all he knows is that he is an escaped criminal from an exile ship, where he had been held for about 20 years. The Stulti then encounters a red gaseous cloud which seems harmless, but as they pass through it, it displays characteristics of the pursuing satellite. Some of it penetrates the ship and heads towards Alice, so Maya and Amanza grab Alice and head for an escape pod. The particles pursue them, changing from a gaseous to a solid state and it eventually drags Alice out into space. However, Alice is able to survive in space, and Ido rescues her. As his I-Machine holds her, memories flood his consciousness containing images of Alice and sounds of his voice suggesting that there was some connection between them in the past. 
6 "The Observer"
"Sekai Kakuran" (世界攪乱) 
May 14, 2017
Ido fights a losing battle against the barrage of satellite rocks until he is assisted by the Stulti crew who are also overwhelmed. With minutes left before the Stulti can Miguel Jump, some military-type I-Machines appear and fire towards the ship, but their TTS warp weapons clear a path through the satellite rocks. The Stulti performs a jump to coordinates provided by the I-Machines and meet an Observer ship there. Observer Supervisor Sam Taylor boards their ship and says that he is investigating both the reason why a Federation battleship seized both the Orichalt and the Stulti and the suspicious behavior of the satellite connected with the Orichalt-bearing planet. The Excavate crew and Maya are cleared of any wrongdoing as Taylor wants to investigate who within the Federation initiated the action. While the crew debate their options, Taylor kidnaps Alice and tries to escape, but is stopped first by Amanza, then Maya and then Ido. The rocks appear to attack the Observer I-Machines, and Taylor is caught in an explosion. His final message is that he recognized Ido, and that he must be exterminated as an enemy of mankind. Meanwhile Ido, Alice and Maya become trapped within a large sphere of rock. 
7 "Overstepping"
"Seizon Chūiki" (生存宙域) 
May 21, 2017
The time is shown when Ido joined the Excavate Company three years ago. In the present the Stulti crew try to rescue Ido, Alice and Maya but the mass of rocks that encase them warps out taking Rick and Amanza with them. Inside the rocky sphere, Ido and Maya investigate an old wrecked probe ship, while outside Rick and Amanza try to attach a drilling rig. Both groups experience the effects of the mass of rocks resisting their efforts. Ido plays an audio recording they found which indicates that earlier humanity knew exactly what Orichalt is, and its necessity for space travel, indicating that in the past, humans encountered wandering planets. This explains the now restricted zone of the Miguel Net for interplanetary travel. He believes that this is why the federation and the Observers were so interested in them. Meanwhile Rick and Amanza try to blast a hole into the sphere without success, but at the last minute, just when Maya’s life support shuts down, Grayman and the Stulti arrive to retrieve them all. Back aboard the Stulti, they send the Orichalt packed with explosives towards the rocky sphere in an attempt to destroy it. Ido speculates that a Doctor Arisugawa mentioned in the old audio recording may be a clue to the mystery. 
8 "Cracking the Flair"
"Kaden funryū" (荷電噴流) 
May 28, 2017
Addams discusses information with Urakuo Hakubi about Alice and her relationship to Orichalt. The Excavate team review the audio recording from the wrecked probe ship which suggests that the wandering planets are Orichalt collection devices constructed by an unknown civilization, possibly a secret kept by the Planet Federation. Ido proposes that the Excavate team find out more about the relationship between Orichalt, the wandering planet Rajeev, and their relationship to Alice. They carefully take two months to return to the Miguel Net, minimizing usage of Orichalt to avoid pursuit by the wandering planet. Amanza approaches a Planet Federation ship pretending that she escaped from the Excavate Company. She takes Rick as a prisoner so Karla can access information about Kain Arisugawa in the Federation data system. However, Addams detects the intrusion and only allows Karla to retrieve selective data that he authorizes, by promising to give her back her human body. Meanwhile remnants of a wandering planet appears at Fifth, a planet with over a 100 billion people, and proceeds to consume it. 
9 "Seeking the Truth"
"Shinsei Tankyū" (真誠探求) 
June 4, 2017
Ten years earlier Karla supervises assessment of an Orichalt sample held in a research facility. In the present, Addams tries to contain information about the destruction of planet Fifth and discusses with Urakuo Hakubi the possible link between Amatsu-Mikaboshi and the wandering planet Rajeev. The Stulti crew discuss the fact that Sam Taylor may be a clone of Arisugawa because of their physical similarities and prepare to travel to Colony planet Sixth to talk to Arisugawa. Amanza discovers that Rick’s home planet is Sixth, but also that he is a copy created from backup data. The crew arrive at an MT Industries facility to get Arisagawa, but when Ido and Karla enter the facility with Maya and Alice, Karla sides with the security forces, honoring her agreement with Addams. However Ido disables the security I-Machines and confronts Addams who has Karla’s human body. Addams touches his MT mask to transfer his consciousness to an I-Machine, then asserts that Ido is the original Kain Arisugawa. 
10 "Compressed Sin"
"Shukutai Rireki" (縮退履歴) 
June 11, 2017
Addams reveals that his human body is Triwalker, the third of the Arisugawa clones and attacks Ido with his I-Machine. Karla intercedes, demanding he return her body as per their agreement and Addams obliges, however her physical body is weak after being inactive for 10 years and she has trouble standing. Addams forces Ido's consciousness back into his human Arisugawa body and then shows a vision of the past when Kain mind-transferred Jennifer and Addams' dying daughter Alice's consciousness to save her. However, as part of Kain's original plan Alice became embedded in the Orichalt, becoming an Orillian. At the time, Addams was so horrified that he forced Kain's mind into an I-Machine which was then exiled. Because the mind transfer was rushed, Kain lost all of his memory data. Back in the present, Addams again attacks Ido to extract his vengeance for Kain's actions in the past, however Ido destroys Addams' I-Machine. As Ido, Karla, Maya and Alice are reunited in their human bodies, Addams returns, shoots Ido in the back and escapes with Alice. As Karla pursues them, Alice initiates a Miguel Jump. 
11 "Innocent Orbit"
"Muku Kidō" (無垢軌道) 
June 18, 2017
Rick and other Stulti crew members arrive and retrieve Ido who is now trapped inside the dying Arisugawa clone body. Meanwhile the Federation has started confiscating all of the Orichalt within the Miguel net, planning to destroy the Rajeev, rather than abandon the use of Orichalt as a source of power and energy. Grayman wants nothing to do with the Rajeev and the Federation’s plans and he refuses to help Maya and the others fight Addams. However, when Ido returns to a MT unit and transfers his consciousness back into his I-Machine to retrieve Alice, Grayman decides to help Ido. They plot a course for L2 near Earth where the Federation fleet has stockpiled their Orichalt to entrap the Rajeev wandering planets. After initial success, the Federation fleet fights a losing battle against the Rajeev until Addams in his I-Machine arrives in an MT ship and destroys the Rajeev by firing artificial Orillian clones into them and declaring himself the saviour of humanity. However Ido confronts Addams, telling him that through Kain’s memories he learned that the Rajeev are capable of learning and evolving, and as they speak, the Rajeev re-form like a antibodies reacting to a virus. Just Ido and Addams are about to attack each other, Alice speaks for the first time, pleading for them to stop. 
12 "Still Here"
"Jitsuzon Jinkaku" (実存人格) 
June 25, 2017
Alice's body is revealed to hold the consciousness of her mother Jennifer who Addams helped Mind Trance into the Orichalt to look for Alice. Jennifer believes that Alice's remaining consciousness is contained within the Orichalt collected by the Rajeev. Faced with this new knowledge, Ido grabs Alice and leaves with the Stulti. The Federation decide to jettison the Orichalt to create an escape route for humanity, but Addams disagrees and attempts to Mind Trance into the Rajeev. At that moment the Stulti appears before the fleet and Greyman asks the Federation to agree to a plan proposed by Ido. Federation Admiral, Cecilia Ginney agrees, and with the assistance of the Federation's missiles, the Stulti crew blast their way into the center of the Rajeev where Ido and Jennifer Mind Trance into its core. Jennifer is reunited with Alice and to an extent, Kain/Ido and Addams are reconciled. The Rajeev begins to leave, apparently learning that there are other civilizations within the universe. Ido Mind Trances back out, leaving the others within the Rajeev's core as it leaves, no longer a threat to humanity. The Stulti crew are recognized for their contribution to humanity and go on to pursue their own futures. 


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