ID; Peace B (song)

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"ID; Peace B"
BoA - IDPB.jpg
Single by BoA
from the album ID; Peace B & Listen to My Heart
Released May 30, 2001
Format CD
Recorded 2000
Label Avex Trax
BoA singles chronology
"ID; Peace B"
"Amazing Kiss"

"ID; Peace B" is BoA's Japanese debut single. ID; Peace B was originally sung in Korean for her debut Korean album of the same name.


In an interview BoA explained ID; Peace B stands for her id name which is BoA.[1]

Music video[edit]

Japanese music video[edit]

The music video starts with BoA dancing in the dark with her backup dancers. The camera zooms out and reveals that BoA is watching herself on t.v. Throughout the video BoA changes the channel and sees various commercials that features herself. At the start of the chorus BoA - the one who is watching herself on t.v.- starts to sing the chorus. At the end, BoA starts to dance to the music and then it fades to black. A clip of her Korean music video "Sara" is shown when BoA is flipping through the channels.

Korean music video[edit]

The video starts off with BoA vocalizing, rehearsing the ID; Peace B dance and filming ID; Peace B. The video shows BoA dancing in various places. First with her backup dancers in a purple background, then by herself in a warehouse and in a Relativity-esque background.

Track listing[edit]

  1. ID; Peace B
  2. Dreams Come True
  3. ID; Peace B (Instrumental)
  4. Dreams Come True (Instrumental)
  5. ID; Peace B (English Version)


Oricon Chart (Japan)

Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
Oricon Daily Singles Chart
Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 20 40,470


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