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IDAMS (Internationally developed Data Analysis and Management Software) is a proprietary[1] software package for processing and analysing numerical data developed, maintained and disseminated by UNESCO.

It provides a great number of data manipulation and validation facilities and a wide range of classical and advanced statistics techniques. Interactive components allow for construction of multidimensional tables, graphical exploration of data and time series analysis.

IDAMS was originally derived from the software package OSIRIS III.2 developed in the early 1970s by the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan, USA. It has been modified and updated by the UNESCO Secretariat with the co-operation of experts from Belgium, Colombia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA. Release 4 is available for PCs and Release 3.02 for IBM mainframes. Version 1.2a of WinIDAMS for 32-bit Windows was released in 2006.

WinIDAMS as well as its documentation are available in English, French and Spanish. The software itself is free but national distributors are allowed to charge for their expenses.

See also[edit]

  • CDS/ISIS - database software from UNESCO
  • IDIS is a tool for direct data exchange between CDS/ISIS and IDAMS.


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