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iDance (stylized as Positive Gaming iDANCE) is a music video game developed by Positive Gaming. It is a four-panel dance game, similar to Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove. The game is currently available in a multi player setup with wireless dance pads and support for up to 32 players.


Before iDance, Positive Gaming had been the European distributor for In the Groove, a 4-panel dance game developed by the American company Roxor Games.[1] Positive Gaming also helped develop a multiplayer version of In The Groove 2, specifically designed for fitness centers and schools, helping try to make "machine dance" more popular in Europe, with their multiplayer system also being featured during the 2007 Eurovision Dance Contest.

In December 2007, Positive Gaming sent out a press release announcing a search for stepchart artists and musicians for "new four panel interactive machine dance game software", announced to be released by "autumn 2008".[2] No new information about the game would be released until a press conference in March 2008 at a European In The Groove 2 championship (which was published by Positive Gaming in Europe), where the game was announced to be known as Positive Gaming iDANCE, confirming a fitness release in October 2008, and arcade and home releases in 2009. 7 songs were also confirmed, along with a statement that the game was not based on StepMania.[3] In August 2008, a countdown was added to the game's website, counting down to the Leisure Industry Week 2008 convention in Birmingham, where the multiplayer version of iDance would get its first public showing.

Additional information and screenshots were released on September 7, 2008. The final songlist was confirmed to have 100 songs, with 5 difficulty levels for each, support for up to 32 players on the multiplayer version, and a 3D game engine.[4]


iDANCE2 Multiplayer System is for the use of anywhere between four and 32 players. It is the premium band of the company. It is used by school students and fitness fanatics. Industries in which it is popular include: medical, therapeutic, leisure and entertainment. Users can enjoy the Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2 Multiplayer System with as many as three separate difficulty levels on screen simultaneously. It is user-friendly, fun, exciting and challenging all at once.

The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2 Multiplayer System is a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of both perceptive and physical skill. It is simple to learn, exciting to play, and offers users a wide range of levels at which they can play and score points. The machine dance game provides a wholesome exercise gaming experience for up to 32 players at the same time.[5]

Track list[edit]

As of June 2009, the music selection in the game consists of:

414 - N2O vs. Cell X
A Sad Way - Flat 12
Above the Sky - iRave
Aerial - DJ Azure
Air - Shiki
Angelus I - m00z
Astrofalcon - Dr. Tanner
Bass Force - Trance Tribe
Behind the Horizon - Daniela Elger
Bollywood vs. Hollywood - Xaviaro
Brother - Sunburn In Cyprus
Call of Wilderness - Electron
Chariot - Shiki
Chaser - Shiki
Collision - AJ DJ
Crocodiles - Cat Jahnke
Dance Electric - Sora
Davno Hotel - Vospi
Dependence - Toby Emerson
Dream Recorder - Palace of Pleasure
Earth - Solid Inc.
Echoes of Summer - Tranquility Groove
Elder God Shrine - E-Racer
Emilie de Ravin - Digital Explosion
Epic City - The Flying Walrus
Exciter - Tranquility Groove
Fatal Surface - AJ DJ
Fly by the Universe - 2Pro
Form of an Angel - AJ DJ
Full House - AJDJ
Fuzzy Bell - Alzarus
Happy Song - Cat Jahnke
Hardkore of the North - Dr. Tanner
Here We Go - Inglow
Hey Hey Hey - Psycho Sonic Cindy
Honeytrap - Palace of Pleasure
I Forget You - Sara Rumar
In the Hall of the Mountain King - Digital Explosion
In the Night - Toby Emerson Feat. Lauren Wilson
Incurable II - KJK
Infinity - KJK
Input Output - Neo Cartoon Lover
Katana Fighter - Electron
Keep Silent - Flat 12
Kleine - Shiki
Kotiin - G-Powered
Kristina - Mary Jane
Kuuletko - G-Powered
Lapis - Shiki
Life - Sunburn In Cyprus
Liquify - Toby Emerson
Liquify (Remix) - Dr. Tanner
LMK’s Music Box - Dr. Tanner
Logical Spy - Dr. Tanner
Love - DJS
Mercury Lamp - Shiki
Million Feelings - Floren Cristea
Monstrum - Inglow
My Girls - Shalaine Mezzo
New Day - Amphibians
Ninja Lad - KgZ
Not 4 You - Neo Cartoon Lover
Not For Sale - Inglow
Off On You - Sara Rumar
Orpheus & Eurydice - One Drop Does It
Partie Deux - Digital Explosion
Party Hard - Neo Cartoon Lover
Party People - Oscillator X
Phantoms - Toby Emerson
Platitude - Onova
Quickdraw - KgZ
Revelations (Original Mix) - Andy Tau
Rock Robotic - When Machines Dream
Safety Net - Oscillator X
Saturn - KJK
Sauna J - Palace of Pleasure
See Through Deceptions - One Drop Does It
Server X - The Callahan
Shapes - Gabri
Sharing - Xaviaro
Sonic Stryker Vision - Dr. Tanner
Stardance - Space Angels
String Interference - Alzarus
Summer in Belize -2007- - Digital Explosion
Sun Kanssas - G-Powered
Super Collider (Xenophix Remix) - When Machines Dream
Svart Hjerte - Barske Karer
Sweet Tornado - Vospi
Teen Machine - Jeremiha
Tek Drum - Ryan Blair
Time Traveling - Xaviaro
Turhaa - G-Powered
Vae Victis - When Machines Dream
Ville Hester - Palace of Pleasure
Waking up - Milow
Wave Rip (-Final-) - KgZ
We Met Dat Night - Vospi
Welcome to Funland - Dr. Tanner
When You’re Gone - Neo Cartoon Lover
Wishing Well - AJ DJ
Your Smile (Housemouse Mix) - Sunburn In Cyprus


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