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IEEE 802.1 is a working group of the IEEE 802 project of the IEEE Standards Association.

It is concerned with:

IEEE 802.1 standards[edit]

Standard Description Status[1]


802.1B-1992 LAN/MAN Management Withdrawn in 2004
802.1k-1993[2] Discovery and Dynamic Control of Event Forwarding (Amendment to 802.1B-1992) Withdrawn in 2004


802.1D-1990 MAC Bridges Superseded by 802.1D-1998
802.1i-1995 FDDI bridging (see ANSI X3T9.5) Superseded
802.1j-1996 Managed objects for MAC Bridges Superseded by 802.1D-1998
P802.1p Traffic Class Expediting and Dynamic Multicast Filtering Merged into 802.1D-1998
802.1D-1998 MAC Bridges (rollup of 802.1D-1990, 802.1j, 802.6k, P802.12e and P802.1p) Superseded by 802.1D-2004
P802.1r GARP Proprietary Attribute Registration Protocol (GPRP) Withdrawn
802.1t-2001 Technical and Editorial corrections for 802.1D-1998 Incorporated into 802.1D-2004
802.1w-2001 Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree Incorporated into 802.1D-2004
P802.1y Maintenance to 802.1D-1998 Merged into 802.1D-2004
802.1D-2004 MAC Bridges (rollup of 802.1D-1998, 802.1t, 802.1w, P802.1y, and 802.11c) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014[3]


802.1E-1990 System Load Protocol Withdrawn in 2004
802.1m-1993 Managed objects for System Load Protocol (Amendment to 802.1E-1990) Withdrawn in 2004


802.1F-1993 Common Definitions and Procedures for IEEE 802 Management Information Withdrawn in 2009


802.1G-1996 Remote MAC Bridging Withdrawn in 2009


802.1H-1995 Ethernet MAC Bridging Withdrawn in 2011


802.1Q-1998 Virtual LANs Incorporated into 802.1Q-2005
802.1s-2002 Multiple Spanning Trees Incorporated into 802.1Q-2005
802.1u-2001 Technical and Editorial corrections for 802.1Q-1998 Incorporated into 802.1Q-2005
802.1v-2001 VLAN Classification by Protocol and Port Incorporated into 802.1Q-2005
P802.1z Maintenance to 802.1Q-1998 Merged into 802.1Q-2005
802.1Q-2005 VLAN Bridges (Rollup of 802.1Q-1998, 802.1s, 801.1u and 802.1v and P802.1z) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ad-2005 Provider Bridging Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ag-2007 Connectivity Fault Management Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ah-2008 Provider Backbone Bridge (PBB) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1aj-2009 Two Port MAC Relay (TPMR) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ak-2007 Replace GARP with Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP), MVRP and MMRP. Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Q-2005/Cor1-2008 Technical corrections for Multiple Registration Protocol Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ap-2008 Management Information Base (MIB) definitions for VLAN Bridges Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1aq-2012 Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qat-2010 Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qau-2010 Congestion Management Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qav-2009 Forwarding and Queuing Enhancements for Time-sensitive Streams Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qaw-2009 Management of Data-Driven and Data-Dependent Connectivity Faults Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qay-2009 Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Q-2011 VLAN Bridges (Rollup of 802.1Q-2005+Cor-1 and 802.1ad/ag/ah/aj/ak/ap/Qat/Qav/Qaw/Qay/Qau) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qaz-2011 Enhanced Transmission Selection for Bandwidth Sharing Between Traffic Classes Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbb-2011 Priority-based Flow Control Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbc-2011 Provider Bridging — Remote Customer Service Interface Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbe-2011 Multiple Backbone Service Instance Identifier (I-SID) Registration Protocol (MIRP) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbf-2011 PBB-TE Infrastructure Segment Protection Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbg-2012 Edge Virtual Bridging Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Q-2011/Cor2 Minor technical and editorial fixes to 802.1Q-2011 Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
P802.1Qbh Bridge port Extension / VN-Tag [2] Merged into 802.1BR[4]
802.1Qbp-2014 Equal Cost Multiple Paths for (Shortest Path Bridging)[5] Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbu Frame Preemption in progress
802.1Qbv Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic in progress
802.1Qbz Enhancements to Bridging of 802.11 Media in progress
802.1Qca Path Control and Reservation in progress
802.1Qcc Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Enhancements and Performance Improvements in progress
802.1Q-2014 Bridged Networks (Rollup of 802.1Q-2011+Cor2 and 802.1Qbe/Qbc/Qbb/Qaz/Qbf/Qbg/aq) & functionality previously specified in 802.1D Current[6]


802.1X-2001 Port Based Network Access Control Incorporated into 802.1X-2004
P802.1aa Maintenance to 802.1X-2001 Merged into 802.1X-2004
802.1X-2004 Port Based Network Access Control (Rollup of 802.1X-2001 and P802.1aa) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2005
P802.1af Media Access Control (MAC) Key Security Merged into 802.1X-2010
802.1X-2010 Port Based Network Access Control (revision of 802.1X-2004, including P802.1af) Current
802.1Xbx MAC Security Key Agreement protocol (MKA) extensions in progress


802.1AB-2005 Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) Incorporated into 802.1AB-2009
802.1AB-2009 Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) (revision to 802.1AB-2005) Current


802.1AC Media Access Control (MAC) Services Definition (from 802.1D and 802.1Q) Current


802.1AE-2006 MAC Security Current
802.1AEbn Galois Counter Mode-Advanced Encryption Standard-256 (GCM-AES-256) Cipher Suite Current
802.1AEbw Extended Packet Numbering in progress


802.1AR-2009 Secure Device Identity (DevID) Current


802.1AS-2011 Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications in Bridged Local Area Networks. Current
802.1AS-2011/Cor1 Technical and editorial corrections in Progress
802.1ASbt Enhancements and performance improvements in Progress


802.1AX-2008 Link Aggregation (Initially created as 802.3ad-2000) Incorporated into 802.1AX-2014
802.1AXbk Add support for Provider Bridged Networks and two-port MAC relays to Link Aggregation Incorporated into 802.1AX-2014
802.1AXbq Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect Incorporated into 802.1AX-2014
802.1AX-2014 Rollup of 802.1AX, AXbk and AXbq amendments. Current


802.1BA-2011 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Systems Current


802.1BR-2012 Bridge Port Extension VN-Tag[7](incorporates work from P802.1Qbh) Current


802.1CB Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability in progress

The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee makes current standards freely available, after a six-month delay, through their Get IEEE 802.1 program.

Other recent 802.1 standards are available through the IEEE for a fee.


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