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IEEE 802.1 is a working group of the IEEE 802 project of the IEEE Standards Association.

It is concerned with:[1]

LAN/MAN bridging and management. Covers management and the lower sub-layers of OSI Layer 2,

IEEE 802.1 standards[edit]

Standard Description Status[2]


802.1B-1992 LAN/MAN Management Withdrawn in 2004
802.1k-1993[3] Discovery and Dynamic Control of Event Forwarding (Amendment to 802.1B-1992) Withdrawn in 2004


802.1D-1990 MAC Bridges Superseded by 802.1D-1998
802.1i-1995 FDDI bridging (see ANSI X3T9.5) Superseded
802.1j-1996 Managed objects for MAC Bridges Superseded by 802.1D-1998
P802.1p Traffic Class Expediting and Dynamic Multicast Filtering Merged into 802.1D-1998
802.1D-1998 MAC Bridges (rollup of 802.1D-1990, 802.1j, 802.6k, P802.12e and P802.1p) Superseded by 802.1D-2004
P802.1r GARP Proprietary Attribute Registration Protocol (GPRP) Withdrawn
802.1t-2001 Technical and Editorial corrections for 802.1D-1998 Incorporated into 802.1D-2004
802.1w-2001 Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree Incorporated into 802.1D-2004
P802.1y Maintenance to 802.1D-1998 Merged into 802.1D-2004
802.1D-2004 MAC Bridges (rollup of 802.1D-1998, 802.1t, 802.1w, P802.1y, and 802.11c) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014[4]


802.1E-1990 System Load Protocol Withdrawn in 2004
802.1m-1993 Managed objects for System Load Protocol (Amendment to 802.1E-1990) Withdrawn in 2004


802.1F-1993 Common Definitions and Procedures for IEEE 802 Management Information Withdrawn in 2009


802.1G-1996 Remote MAC Bridging Withdrawn in 2009


802.1H-1995 Ethernet MAC Bridging Withdrawn in 2011


802.1Q-1998 Virtual LANs Superseded by 802.1Q-2003
802.1v-2001 VLAN Classification by Protocol and Port Incorporated into 802.1Q-2003
802.1u-2001 Technical and Editorial corrections for 802.1Q-1998 Incorporated into 802.1Q-2003
802.1s-2002 Multiple Spanning Trees Incorporated into 802.1Q-2003
802.1Q-2003 Virtual LANs (Rollup of 802.1Q-1998, 802.1s, 802.1u and 802.1v) Superseded by 802.1Q-2005
P802.1z Maintenance to 802.1Q-2003 Merged into 802.1Q-2005
802.1Q-2005 VLAN Bridges (Rollup of 802.1Q-2003 and P802.1z) Superseded by 802.1Q-2011
802.1ad-2005 Provider Bridging Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ak-2007 Replace GARP with Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP), MVRP and MMRP. Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ag-2007 Connectivity Fault Management Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ah-2008 Provider Backbone Bridge (PBB) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Q-2005/Cor1-2008 Technical corrections for Multiple Registration Protocol Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1ap-2008 Management Information Base (MIB) definitions for VLAN Bridges Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1aj-2009 Two Port MAC Relay (TPMR) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qav-2009 Forwarding and Queuing Enhancements for Time-sensitive Streams Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qaw-2009 Management of Data-Driven and Data-Dependent Connectivity Faults Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qay-2009 Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qat-2010 Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) (includes Multiple Stream Registration Protocol (MSRP)) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Qau-2010 Congestion Management Incorporated into 802.1Q-2011
802.1Q-2011 Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges and Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks (Rollup of 802.1Q-2005+Cor-1 and 802.1ad/ag/ah/aj/ak/ap/Qat/Qav/Qaw/Qay/Qau) Superseded by 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qaz-2011 Enhanced Transmission Selection for Bandwidth Sharing Between Traffic Classes Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbb-2011 Priority-based Flow Control Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbc-2011 Provider Bridging — Remote Customer Service Interface Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbe-2011 Multiple Backbone Service Instance Identifier (I-SID) Registration Protocol (MIRP) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbf-2011 PBB-TE Infrastructure Segment Protection Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1aq-2012 Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Qbg-2012 Edge Virtual Bridging Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Q-2011/Cor 2-2012 Minor technical and editorial fixes to 802.1Q-2011 Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
P802.1Qbh Bridge port Extension / VN-Tag [5] Merged into 802.1BR-2012[6]
802.1Qbp-2014 Equal Cost Multiple Paths (for Shortest Path Bridging)[7] Incorporated into 802.1Q-2014
802.1Q-2014 Bridges and Bridged Networks (Rollup of 802.1Q-2011+Cor2 and 802.1Qbe/Qbc/Qbb/Qaz/Qbf/Qbg/Qaq & functionality specified in 802.1D) Superseded by 802.1Q-2018
802.1Q-2014/Cor 1-2015 Minor technical and editorial fixes to 802.1Q-2014 Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qbv-2015 [8] Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qca-2015 [9] Path Control and Reservation Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qcd-2015 Application Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Type, Length, Value (TLV) (Data Center Bridging eXchange (DCBX) protocol application-specific TLVs) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qbu-2016 Frame Preemption Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qbz-2016 Enhancements to Bridging of 802.11 Media Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qch-2017 Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Qci-2017 Per-Stream Filtering and Policing Incorporated into 802.1Q-2018
802.1Q-2018 Bridges and Bridged Networks ((Rollup of 802.1Q-2014+Cor1 and 802.1Qca/Qcd/Qbu/Qbv/Qbz/Qch/Qci) Current[10]
802.1Qcc-2018 Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Enhancements and Performance Improvements Current[11]
802.1Qcp-2018 YANG Data Model Current[12]
802.1Qcy-2019 Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP) Current[13]
802.1Qcj Automatic Attachment to Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) services in progress [14]
802.1Qcr Bridges and Bridged Networks: Asynchronous Traffic Shaping in progress [15]
802.1Qcw YANG Data Models for Scheduled Traffic, Frame Preemption, and Per-Stream Filtering and Policing in progress [16]
802.1Qcx YANG Data Model for Connectivity Fault Management in progress [17]
802.1Qcz Congestion Isolation in progress [18]
802.1Qdd Resource Allocation Protocol in progress [19]
802.1Qdj Configuration Enhancements for TSN preparation [20]


802.1X-2001 Port Based Network Access Control Superseded by 802.1X-2004
P802.1aa Maintenance to 802.1X-2001 Merged into 802.1X-2004
802.1X-2004 Port Based Network Access Control (Rollup of 802.1X-2001 and P802.1aa) Incorporated into 802.1Q-2005
P802.1af Media Access Control (MAC) Key Security Merged into 802.1X-2010
802.1X-2010 Port Based Network Access Control Current[21]
802.1Xbx-2014 MAC Security Key Agreement protocol (MKA) extensions Current[22]
802.1Xck-2018 Port-Based Network Access Control: YANG Data Model Current[23]
802.1X-Rev Port-Based Network Access Control in progress[24]


802.1AB-2005 Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) Superseded by 802.1AB-2009
802.1AB-2009 Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) Superseded by 802.1AB-2016
802.1AB-2009/Cor 1-2013 Technical corrections for Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) Incorporated into 802.1AB-2016
802.1AB-2009/Cor 2-2015 Technical corrections for Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) Incorporated into 802.1AB-2016
802.1AB-2016 Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery (LLDP) Current[25]
802.1ABcu LLDP YANG Data Model in Progress[26]
802.1ABdh Station and Media Access Control Connectivity Discovery - Support for Multiframe Protocol Data Units (LLDPv2) preparation[27]


802.1AC-2012 Media Access Control (MAC) Services Definition (from 802.1D and 802.1Q) Superseded by 802.1AC-2016
802.1AC-2016 Media Access Control (MAC) Services Definition Current[28]
802.1AC-2016/Cor1 Logical Link Control (LLC) Encapsulation EtherType in Progress[29]
802.1ACct Support for IEEE Std 802.15.3 in Progress[30]


802.1AE-2006 MAC Security Superseded by 802.1AE-2018
802.1AEbn-2011 Galois Counter Mode-Advanced Encryption Standard-256 (GCM-AES-256) Cipher Suite Incorporated into 802.1AE-2018
802.1AEbw-2013 Extended Packet Numbering Incorporated into 802.1AE-2018
802.1AEcg-2017 Ethernet Data Encryption devices Incorporated into 802.1AE-2018
802.1AE-2018 MAC Security (MACsec) Current[31]
IEEE 802.1AEdk Media Access Control (MAC) Security — MAC Privacy protection preparation[32]


802.1AR-2009 Secure Device Identity (DevID) Superseded by 802.1AR-2018
P802.1ARce SHA–384 and P–384 Elliptic Curve Merged into 802.1AR-2018
802.1AR-2018 Secure Device Identity (DevID) Current[33]


802.1AS-2011 Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications in Bridged Local Area Networks. Current[34]
802.1AS-2011/Cor 1-2013 Technical and editorial corrections Current[34]
802.1AS-2011/Cor 2-2015 Technical and editorial corrections Current[34]
P802.1ASbt Enhancements and performance improvements Merged into 802.1AS-Rev
802.1AS-Rev Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications in Progress[35]


802.1AX-2008 Link Aggregation (Initially created as 802.3ad-2000) Superseded by 802.1AX-2014
802.1AXbk Add support for Provider Bridged Networks and two-port MAC relays to Link Aggregation Incorporated into 802.1AX-2014
802.1AXbq Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect Incorporated into 802.1AX-2014
802.1AX-2014 Rollup of 802.1AX, AXbk and AXbq amendments. Current[36]
802.1AX-2014/Cor 1-2017 Technical and editorial corrections Current[36]
802.1AX-REV Link Aggregation In Progress[37]


802.1BA-2011 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Systems Current[38][39]
802.1BA-2011/Cor 1-2016 Technical and editorial corrections Current[40]


802.1BR-2012 Bridge Port Extension VN-Tag[41](incorporates work from P802.1Qbh) Current[6]


802.1CB-2017 Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability Current[42]
802.1CBcv FRER YANG Data Model and Management Information Base Module in progress[43]
802.1CBdb FRER Extended Stream Identification Functions in progress[44]


802.1CF Network Reference Model and Functional Description of IEEE 802 Access Network in progress[45]


802.1CM-2018 Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul Current[46]
802.1CMde Enhancements to Fronthaul Profiles to Support New Fronthaul Interface, Synchronization, and Syntonization Standards in progress[47]


802.1CS Link-local Registration Protocol in progress[48]


802.1CQ Multicast and Local Address Assignment in progress[49]


802.1DC Quality of Service Provision by Network Systems in progress[50]


802.1DF TSN Profile for Service Provider Networks in progress[51]


802.1DG TSN Profile for Automotive In-Vehicle Ethernet Communications in progress<[52]

The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee makes current standards freely available, after a six-month delay, through their Get IEEE 802.1 program.

Other recent 802.1 standards are available through the IEEE for a fee.


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