IEEE Photonics Award

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IEEE Photonics Award
Awarded for Outstanding achievements in photonics
Presented by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
First awarded 2002
Official website IEEE Photonics Award

The IEEE Photonics Award is a Technical Field Award established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 2002. This award is presented for outstanding achievements in photonics, including work relating to: light-generation, transmission, deflection, amplification and detection and the optical/electro-optical componentry and instrumentation used to accomplish these functions. Also included are storage technologies utilizing photonics to read or write data and optical display technologies. It also extends from energy generation/propagation, communications, information processing, storage and display, biomedical and medical uses of light and measurement applications.

This award may be presented to an individual or a team of up to three people. Recipients of this award receive a bronze medal, certificate, and honorarium.


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