Higher Education Institute of Brasilia

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Higher Education Institute of Brasilia
Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília
Former name
Centro Universitàrio IESB
Established 13 April 1998 (13 April 1998)
President Eda C. B. Machado
Students 18,000
Location Brasilia, Brazil

The Higher Education Institute of Brasilia (IESB) is located in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Today, the university counts about 18,000 students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and technical programs spread across three campuses. A fourth campus was scheduled to open in 2014. The founder and president of the IESB is Professor Eda C. B. Machado.



On 13 April 1998, Centro Universitàrio IESB (English: CESB, the Center of Higher Education of Brasilia) was founded, aiming to be an institution that developed education, research and extension activities of a higher level. After four years, the Ministry of Education authorized the two first undergraduate courses: Education Science and Administration, with concentrations in Science and Technology Policy and Management and Human Resources. In 1998, two more courses were authorized: Legal Sciences and Social Communication, with concentrations in Journalism, Advertising and Marketing. Other courses created in 1999 and IESB moved to another campus in L2 Norte, Quadra 609. In 2013, IESB took part in Pronatec, a program of the Ministry of Education (Brazil). This way they enrolled about 3000 students for a quicker formation in technical courses.

Inside one of the campuses.


The table below provides an overview of the courses offered by the IESB.

Bachelor's degrees Master's degrees Extensions (Courses adapted to job market) EAD (Studying online)



Advertising and Propaganda

Aesthetics and Cosmetology

Analysis and System Development

Architecture and Urbanism

Cinema and Digital Media

Civil Engineering

Commercial Management

Computer Engineering

Computer Networks

Computer Science

Construction of Buildings

Digital Games

Electrical Engineering


Fashion Design

Financial Management


Graphic Design

Human Resource Management

Information Security

Interior Design

International Relations


Legal Practice


Material Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

Multimedia Production





Physical education

Production Engineering


Public Management


Social Service


Administrative Law and Public Management

Advice for Public Communication

Analysis of Object Oriented System

Business Intelligence

Business Logistics

Computer Forensics Expertise

Computer Networking - Cisco Networking Academy

Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Digital Game Development

Environmental law

Gerontology and Health for Seniors

Information Security

Human Rights

Legal Psychology for Psychologists

MBA in Marketing and Digital Communication

MBA in Financial Market

MBA in Telecommunications

Mobile Devices

Project Management

Public Management

Quality Management in Services

Sports Marketing

Software engineering - Quality and Productivity

Strategic Design

Strategic People Management

Substantive Law and Procedural Labour

Urban Logistics and Sustainable Transport

  • Barista
  • Basic Drawing: Design, Architecture and Construction
  • Basic Kitchen
  • Confectionery
  • Creating Characters for Film and Digital Games
  • Drawing the Human Figure
  • How to speak in public
  • Illustration: Painting of characters and scenarios in Photoshop
  • Initiation Theatre
  • Java Programming Language
  • Painting: preparation, painting and applying decorative effects on walls
  • Preparation of Research Projects
  • Psychological intervention and management of religiosity
  • Risotto, Pasta and Sauces
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Spanish Instrumental
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • CST in Public Management
  • CST in Human Resource Management
  • CST in Analysis and Development Systems
  • Humanities
  • Pedagogy
  • Psycho pedagogy
  • Teaching in Higher Education

Eda Coutinho Institute[edit]

Eda C.B Machado, President of the IESB.

The institute is named after the founder and president of the IESB, Professor Eda C. B. Machado.


IESB welcoming American students.

IESB is working on its internationalization and already managed to have several partnerships with: