IF Frisk Asker

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IF Frisk Asker
Full name Idrettsforeningen Frisk Asker
Founded 5 February 1922
Ground Risenga,
League none (football)

Idrettsforeningen Frisk Asker is a Norwegian sports club from Asker, Akershus. It has sections for association football and ice hockey. It also used to play bandy.

Ice hockey[edit]

The men's ice hockey team, known as "Frisk Tigers", are one of Norway's leading teams. Their home arena is Askerhallen.


The football section has struggled in the later years. The women's section has cooperated with Bødalen IF and Vollen UL to form a team called Amasone Asker FK, established on 8 March 2009.[1] The club does not currently field a men's team.


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