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iFart Mobile
iFart Mobile 2.0 Screen Shot
Developer(s) Infomedia
Initial release December 2008 (2008-12)
Stable release
4.0.8 / January 12, 2017; 19 months ago (2017-01-12)
Operating system iOS, Android (Mar 17, 2016)[1]
Platform iPhone[2], Android[3]
Type iPhone app
License Paid
Website ifartmobile.com

iFart Mobile is an application for the Apple iOS, distributed using the App Store.[4] When launched, the screen displays a red button on a brown background. Operating the button releases one of a selection of flatulence sounds with names like “Jack the Ripper,” “Howard the Duck” and “Bubbler.” The app also features a stealth feature that triggers the “fart” after a set period of time, and a security feature that plays the sound if the iPhone is moved.


iFart Mobile app was launched in December 2008 by Infomedia, a technology company owned by Internet marketer and author Joel Comm. Apple’s acceptance of iFart Mobile appeared to mark a change in the company’s policy towards humorous apps. Three months earlier, Apple had rejected Pull My Finger, a rival app with similar functionality, on the grounds of “limited utility.[5]” That decision, later reversed, sparked complaints among commentators about the arbitrariness of Apple’s decision-making.[6]

iFart Mobile went on to become one of the most popular apps on the iPhone, reaching the number one spot on the application charts before Christmas 2008, remaining there for three weeks and staying in the top ten until mid-January 2009, by which time it had sold more than 350,000 copies.[7] VentureBeat reported that the app was generating more than $10,000 a day and on Christmas Day 2008 alone saw more than 40,000 sales, worth $30,000 to Infomedia.[8]

iFart has been used or discussed by a number of celebrities, including George Clooney,[9] Kathie Lee Gifford,[10] Lance Armstrong[11] David Duchovny and Demi Moore.[12]


In January 2009, Air-O-Matic, Inc., creators of “Pull My Finger,” claimed that Infomedia had infringed its trademark by using the phrase “pull my finger” in its press release. The company also accused Infomedia of “unfair business practices” and contacted Apple to request that the app be removed from the store. Apple suggested that Infomedia and Air-O-Matic sort the issue out between themselves. Air-O-Matic responded by demanding $50,000[13] in compensation from Infomedia.[14]

On February 13, 2009, Infomedia filed for a Declaratory Judgment,[15] arguing that “pull my finger” is common American slang and not a trademarked phrase, triggering a much-publicized legal fight. In September, 2009, the two companies settled their differences and together launched a free app called “Clear the Air.[16]


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