International Gender and Language Association

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International Gender and Language Group (IGALA)
Formation 1999
Purpose An international interdisciplinary academic group that promotes research on language, gender, and sexuality
Michelle M. Lazar

The International Gender and Language Association (IGALA), is an international interdisciplinary academic organization that promotes research on language, gender, and sexuality.[1] Michelle M. Lazar is its current president.[2]


The association was formed in 1999, having developed out of the graduate-student-run Berkeley Women and Language Group.[3] IGALA holds a biannual conference. The society's official affiliated academic journal is Gender and Language, launched in 2007 by Equinox Press.[4] IGALA also publishes volumes of selected proceedings.[5] Together these projects have helped shepherd in the expansion of gender studies into a wider set of topics from a wider range of regions than before, expanding beyond the earlier focus on English speakers that dominated work of earlier decades.[6]



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