International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature

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International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media
FocusEmpirical study of literature

The International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media (IGEL: Internationale Gesellschaft für Empirische Literaturwissenschaft) is a learned society with the object of promoting empirical approach to the study of literature and culture.


The society was founded in 1987 by Siegfried J. Schmidt of the University of Siegen.[1] In 2010 IGEL became a registered society; it is registered as a Foundation in the Netherlands. The actual president is the psychologist Don Kuiken.[2]


The Society is led by a governing board. Members of the board are the president, a vice-president, treasurer, secretary, member at large, journal editor, and student representative. The board is elected at the bi-annual meeting usually held in August/September for a two or four-year term. Presidents of IGEL:


The Society holds biennial conferences, alternating between Europe and North America.

  • 1987: Siegen
  • 1990: Amsterdam
  • 1992: Memphis
  • 1994: Budapest
  • 1996: Edmonton
  • 1998: Utrecht
  • 2000: Toronto
  • 2002: Pécs
  • 2004: Edmonton
  • 2006: München
  • 2008: Memphis
  • 2010: Utrecht
  • 2012: Montreal
  • 2014: Torino[3]
  • 2016: Chicago[4]
  • 2018: Stavanger[5]


Scientific Study of Literature (SSOL) is the official journal of IGEL.[6] IGEL membership includes a subscription to SSOL.

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