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IGG Software
Limited liability company
Industry Computer software
Founded 2003[1]
Headquarters Putney, Vermont
Key people
Dr. Ian Gillespie,[1] founder
Products iBank
Number of employees
Website www.iggsoftware.com

IGG Software is a Putney, Vermont-based software company that specializes in Mac OS X applications for personal finance and small business.



IGG's iBank application, a personal finance product and Quicken competitor,[1][2][2][3][4][5][6][7] was runner-up for the Best Mac OS X Leopard Application in the 2007 Apple Design Awards.[8]

iBank 3, was written to run exclusively in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). iBank 2 was developed specifically for the previous Mac OS, 10.4 (Tiger). iBank 3 leverages various aspects of the Mac OS, including Cover Flow, Quick Look, Core Animation and more. It also integrates with other Apple Inc. products, such as syncing with an iPhone via MobileMe.

The latest version, iBank 4 was updated to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.7.

Some iBank features include Direct Connect (downloads from online accounts), iPhone sync, MobileMe compatibility, interactive charts, multiple currencies, a budget monitor, check printing, loan and portfolio management, smart accounts, TurboTax exporting, and Quicken importing.


iBiz is a time-billing system formerly marketed as iWork.[9][10] To avoid confusion, iWork is now the name Apple computers use for their office software program, after they were allowed by IGG Software to take over the name around 2004, before the first edition of Apple's iWork was released in 2005.


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