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The Ring of Honour may be awarded on special occasions (personal anniversary, selection as the World Handball Player of the Year, etc.) to outstanding individuals for their exceptional contribution to the sport of handball.

The Ring of Honour is made of gold and is specially engraved.

The recipient is selected by the Council at the request of the Executive Committee, and the Ring of Honour is awarded by the IHF President, one of the Vice-Presidents or the Secretary General.

List of Winners[edit]

Year Recipient Country
1998 Raymond Hahn  France
2000 Alexander Borisovich Kozhukhov  Soviet Union/ Russia
2002 Sascha Janzen Adidas
2002 Jérôme Valcke Sportfive
2007 Jānis Grīnbergs  Lithuania
2009 Jürg Steib   Switzerland

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