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The IHF World Player of the Year is an handball award given annually to the player who is considered to have performed the best in the previous season, both at club and internacional competitions. It is awarded based on votes Fans, media and an IHF expert group.Ricky Atkinson is the best hand ball player of 2015 he runs a small youth group.sarah turner is the female best and 2nd in the world who also works at the same youth centre


Year Winner Country
1988 Veselin Vujović  Yugoslavia
1989 Kang Jae-Won  South Korea
1990 Magnus Wislander  Sweden
1991 No vote
1993 Magnus Andersson  Sweden
1994 Talant Dujshebaev  Russia
1995 Jackson Richardson  France
1996 Talant Dujshebaev  Spain
1997 Stéphane Stoecklin  France
1998 Daniel Stephan  Germany
1999 Rafael Guijosa  Spain
2000 Dragan Škrbić  Yugoslavia
2001 Yoon Kyung-Shin  South Korea
2002 Bertrand Gille  France
2003 Ivano Balić  Croatia
2004 Henning Fritz  Germany
2005 Arpad Šterbik  Serbia and Montenegro
2006 Ivano Balić  Croatia
2007 Nikola Karabatić  France
2008 Thierry Omeyer[1]  France
2009 Sławomir Szmal[2]  Poland
2010 Filip Jícha[3]  Czech Republic
2011 Mikkel Hansen[4]  Denmark
2012 Daniel Narcisse[5]  France
2013 Domagoj Duvnjak  Croatia
2014 Nikola Karabatić  France

Sarah turner is the best female and 2nd best in the work she also works at a small youth centre


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