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iHQ, Inc. (DBA SidusHQ)
Native name
주식회사 아이에이치큐
EMB Production Co., Ltd.
Traded asKRX: 003560
FounderTeddy Hoon-tak Jung
4F, Sambo Building 88, Samseong 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Area served
Key people
Teddy Hoon-tak Jung (Founder, Chairman and Stakeholder)
Jeon Yong-joo (President and CEO)
ServicesTalent agency
OwnerD'Live Co. Ltd. (56.73%)
Kolon Industries Inc. (5.33%)
A&E Television Networks Korea Ltd. (5.00%)[1]
ParentSidus Pictures (2000-2002)
D'Live Co. Ltd. (2015–present)
Wisepeer Inc.
iHQ Production
Cube Entertainment

iHQ Inc., doing business as SidusHQ (Korean싸이더스HQ; RRSsaideoseuHQ) is one of the leading talent management agencies in South Korea. It was founded in January 2001 by Teddy Hoon-tak Jung. The company is involved in talent management (artist content), and TV drama/music production.[2]


iHQ, or SidusHQ, is the successor of EBM, an entertainment company founded by producer Teddy Hoon-tak Jung (ko) in 1997. In 2000 EBM merged with production company Uno Films to become a new entertainment company, Sidus.[3] At this time, Sidus was known as the management company of popular K-pop group g.o.d (as part of a cooperation with music producer and songwriter Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment) and rising young actors and actresses such as Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun. By 2002 the production and talent management divisions had separated; the production division is now known as Sidus Pictures while the talent management division became iHQ (also known as SidusHQ).[4]

In 2005 iHQ acquired YTN Group's cable TV broadcasting division (YTN Media), and changed its name to present-day CU Media. It expanded into China, opening an office in Beijing in partnership with SK Telecom China in 2007. The branch serves to promote the activities of Korean stars in the Chinese market.[5][6]

In 2013 iHQ acquired 60% of shares in Wisepeer Inc., owner of the music site monkey3.[7] It also became the biggest share holder (50.01%) in Cube Entertainment.[8] At the same time, CU Media was sold to C&M.

In July 2018 it re-acquired New Able Entertainment. It had previously been spun-off as an independent subsidiary company and was home to the likes of Park So-hyun, Lee Yoo-jin and Danny Ahn. All artists on its roster were transferred to SidusHQ.[9][10]

Current artists[edit]






  • g.o.d (1999–2003, 2014–present)[22]
  • Monogram[23]
    • Kevin
    • Lee-won


  • Bigman
  • The Nod

Former artists[edit]

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Broadcasting Division[edit]

Wisepeer Inc.[edit]


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