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IIICD meteorites
— Group —
Type Achondrite
Class Primitive achondrite
Clan IAB-IIICD-Winonaite
Composition Meteoric iron with silicate inclusions containing low-Ca pyroxene, high-Ca pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase, troilite, graphite, phosphates, meteoric iron, traces of daubréelite & chromite

IIICD meteorites are a group of primitive achondrites. They are classified in a clan together with the IAB meteorites and the winonaites.[1]


IIICD meteorites consists dominantly of meteoric iron with silicate inclusions. The silicate inclusions are almost identical to the IAB meteorite inclusions. They contain low-Ca pyroxene, high-Ca pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase, troilite, graphite, different phosphates, meteoric iron and traces of daubréelite and chromite.[1]

Parent body[edit]

It has been established that IAB meteorites and winonaites originated from the same parent body. The same is not yet clear for IIICD meteorites, that originated from the same or a very similar asteroid.[1]


The IIICD meteorites are classified as primitive achondrites because they have silicate inclusions and show signs of partial melting.[1] The silicate inclusion are almost identical to silicate inclusions in IAB meteorites, and both are very similar to winonaites. For this reason all three are grouped into the IAB-IIICD-Winonaite clan.[2]

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