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III liga
Number of teams72 (in 2018/19)
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toII liga
Relegation toIV liga

III Liga (Trzecia Liga) is a Polish football league that sits at the 4th tier of the Polish football league system. Until the end of the 2007–08 season III Liga referred to a league at the 3rd tier (now called II liga) but this was changed with the formation of the Ekstraklasa as the top level league in Poland. Groups of III liga are divided based on administrative division of Poland. Top teams of III liga are promoted to II liga and bottom teams are relegated to IV liga.

Seasons 2008/09[1] - 2015/16[edit]

group A (Łódź - Mazovia)
group B (Podlasie - Warmia/Masuria)
group C (Cuyavia/Pomerania - Greater Poland)
group D (Pomerania - West Pomerania)
group E (Lower Silesia - Lubusz)
group F (Opole - Silesia)
group G (Holy Cross - Lesser Poland)
group H (Lublin - Subcarpathia)

Seasons 2016/17[2] and on[edit]

group I (Łódź - Mazovia - Podlasie - Warmia/Masuria)
group II (Cuyavia/Pomerania - Greater Poland - Pomerania - West Pomerania)
group III (Lower Silesia - Lubusz - Opole - Silesia)
group IV (Holy Cross - Lesser Poland - Lublin - Subcarpathia)

All-time table[edit]

The table that follows is accurate as of the end of the 2017/18 season. It includes the clubs that played at least one match (even annulled) in III liga (the 4th tier of Polish football league system) since 2008/09 season.

Regular season III Liga[edit]