IIPM School of Management

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Indian Institute of Production Management
School of Management
Established 2007
Formerly called IIPM SoM
Location Kansbahal, Odisha, India
Website www.iipm.ac.in

The IIPM School of Management (IIPM SoM) is an educational institution which was started in the year 2007 by the Indian Institute of Production Management, a government of Odisha institution based in Kansbahal, near Rourkela, Odisha, India. As of currently, the IIPM SoM campus operates within the IIPM campuses.[1]

Governing Board[edit]

The governing board of IIPM SoM comprises corporate professionals and bureaucrats. However, academic faculties are absent from the board. The board currently is made up of the following personnel:

  • Dr. Debasis Sengupta Managing Director ICICI WINFRA, Kolkata
  • M.S. Krishnamoorthy Executive Vice President, (Corporate HR & Personnel) Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Kansbahal
  • S. K. Gupta Vice President Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Kansbahal
  • Managing Director SAIL- Rourkela Steel Plant
  • Brig. C.S.Vaidyanthan Principal, Usha Martin Training Institute, Jamshedpur
  • Director (Technical Education & Training) Govt. of Odisha
  • Joint Secretary (Industries) Govt. of Odisha)
  • President Confederation of Indian Industry
  • D. Sen Gupta Vice President, (Shared Services ) The Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Jamshedpur[2]


IIPM SoM's courses are not ranked by known ranking agencies till yet. The IIPM SoM history is documented in the book called 'The Analyst', released as a souvenir during the inauguration of the school.[3]


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