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Coordinates: 32°25′27″N 73°35′24″E / 32.424058°N 73.589902°E / 32.424058; 73.589902

IIUI Schools, Phalia Campus
IIUISchools logo.jpg
Pakistan Pakistan
Opened April 14, 2011 (2011-04-14)
Founder IIUI
Status Open
Session August to June
Grades Playgroup to O/A-levels
Language English Medium
Schedule Day
Curriculum "IIUI Schools Curriculum"

Yellow, Red, Light Grey

Song About this sound IIUI Schools Anthem 
Phone (546) 587888, 587444, 587222
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Lyrics: IIUI Schools Anthem

IIUI Schools, is a school system launched by International Islamic University, Islamabad in 2010 on occasion of its Silver Jubilee (1985–2010).[1] The IIUI Schools, also known as, International Islamic University Schools, are the first school system established by a university in Pakistan, aimed to assist in creating high achievers with an advanced level of independent thinking, impeccable character and remarkable confidence in line with the teachings and norms taught by Islam.[2]

General Information[edit]

The School Grades[edit]

Playgroup to O/A-levels and Matric to HSSC
IIUI Schools provide education from Playgroup to GCE O/A-levels and Matric to HSSC. Phalia Campus is now offering classes from Playgroup to O/A-levels , and will gradually extend to A-levels in the coming years.

Academic Year[edit]

The school year is divided into two terms:
First term: August to December
Second term: January to June


IIUI Schools follow an in-house curriculum which is designed to prepare students for IGCSE and GCE O/A-levels, and is based on international standards and core Islamic values. The IIUI Schools Curriculum focuses on practical and interactive learning programs relying not only on total learning within the classroom but also based on outside academic activities such as presentations, conferences, seminars and meetings for students of grade 1 onward.


The school offers following subjects, at different levels.

* Arabic * General Science * Poems & Stories
* Arts and crafts * Geography * Quranic Curriculum
* Citizenship * History * Social Studies
* English * ICT * Sports/ Fitness
* Environmental Studies * Mathematics * Urdu
* General Knowledge * Naazra/Tajweed

Grade Recommended Age[edit]

Grade Age (Years)
Reception (Playgroup) 2.5+
Reception 1 (Nursery) 3+
Reception 2 (Kindergarten) 4+
Grade 1 5+
Grade 2 6+
Grade 3 7+
Grade 4 8+
Grade 5 9+
Grade 6 10+
Grade 7 11+
Grade 8 12+
Grade 9 13+
Grade 10 14+


Campuses of IIUI Schools[edit]

Some of the existing and upcoming campuses of IIUI Schools are:,[3][4]


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