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II Tone Committee a.k.a. Tones of Twice, are a Scottish hip hop group composed of Mistah Bohze, Defy, Sace and DJ Krash Slaughta. They emerged from the Glasgow Hip Hop scene of the late 80’s.


The Group hailing from Glasgow's southside were purveyors of the early British hip hop sound,[1] labeled by some as Britcore. Along with other britcore groups such as Gunshot, Hijack, London Posse, Demon Boyz, Katch 22, Silver Bullet, Hardnoise and Killa Instinct, the groups manage to create a sound and identity which gave rise to the UK hip hop scene, something the UK had struggled with ever since hip hop first arrived.

Although acclaimed by critics and fellow artists, and despite selling over 30,000 copies of their EP and compilation releases, the Glasgow band were better known in mainland Europe than they were at home in the UK.

In recently years Mistah Bohze, alongside fellow Woodchoppas Dojo artists Chuck and NC Epik, has produced two albums with his new group The Sentinalez. DJ Krash Slaughta currently splits his time between DJing and producing new material, playing alongside west coast of Scotland based group All Time High who featured on DJ Numark’s mix cd ‘Hands On’. Mista Defy is working on various projects. There is still hope within the scene that the group will reform, although as yet there is no sign of it happening.


  • Beings From A Word Struck Surface/Hangmen 12" (23rd Precinct Recordings, 1991)
  • Submission EP (Dope On Plastic, 1998)
  • One 12" (Darkroom Records, 2002)


  • "Caution On Foot" on "Underground United Vol. 2" LP (Naked Ape Records/Underground United, 2011)[2]

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