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Coordinates: 52°39′33″N 6°17′27″E / 52.65917°N 6.29083°E / 52.65917; 6.29083
Country Netherlands
Province Overijssel
Municipality Staphorst
Population (2007) ca. 1,340
Reformed church in IJhorst.

IJhorst is a village in the eastern Netherlands, within the municipality of Staphorst, Overijssel. Its population is about 1,500.

The village is a recreational center of Staphorst, popular for walking and biking through fields and forests. There are several campsites.

The Reest is a small creek that runs along IJhorst from the ice ages.

Coordinates: 52°39′33″N 6°17′30″E / 52.65917°N 6.29167°E / 52.65917; 6.29167