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The ikob - Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 1993 by Francis Feidler (director of the ikob until December 2012), is a museum of contemporary art in the German-speaking city of Eupen in Belgium, nearby the German and Dutch borders.Its program focuses on emerging and leading contemporary art through the constitution of a significant collection – in progress – and temporary exhibitions – in Dialog. Thus, functioning as a discursive platform for contemporary art with a multidisciplinary and thematic exhibition program, concerned with critical and socio-political issues, the ikob attempts to reflect the matter of frontier.

Since January 2013, the ikob - Museum of Contemporary Art is directed by Dr. Maïté Vissault.

Exhibitions and collection[edit]

The IKOB's sculpture exhibitions "Concept 93" (1993) and especially "Full Barns" (1997) gained international attention because, the former Documenta organizer Manfred Schneckenburger committed known European artists, such as Tony Cragg, Wolfgang Nestler, Maik and Dirk Löbbert or Marie Jo Lafontaine .

Since 2000, the IKOB organizes an international programme of exhibitions in new galleries and adding to its own collection.

Arts funding[edit]

The IKOB Art Award is awarded every three years to young artists since 2005. The jury, chaired by Jan Hoet, selected the German artist Stefanie Klingemann as the first winner. The award is endowed with 5,000 €.

The following artists were nominated for the IKOB Art Award 2011: Tatjana Gerhard, Brigitte Reisz, Vera Hilger, Judith Krebbekx, Kati Heck. An international jury selected Kati Heck as the winner.


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