International Lawyers' Association of Finland

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ILAF is the International Lawyers' Association of Finland.


Founded in 2002, ILAF is the only organization that brings together lawyers from all over the world who live, study or work in Finland.

ILAF’s primary goal is to provide Finland’s expatriate legal community (including practicing attorneys, in-house lawyers, academics, and international law students) with the opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences in Finland and at home, expand professional opportunities and, above all, have fun.

ILAF has become an established and vital part of the Finnish legal landscape in a very short period of time by promoting ILAF members as public speakers at local conferences and organizing seminars on matters of both Finnish and international law, and they strive to develop their group’s professional and educational activities in order to serve their members’ interests better.

ILAF members meet lawyers from all over the world, establish and develop professional contacts, learn about working in other cultures and jurisdictions and, most importantly, are part of a group that understands the unique issues that expatriate lawyers and law students must face in Finland.

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