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Born Ed Hillyer
Nationality British
Area(s) Writer, artist
Pseudonym(s) ILYA
Notable works

Ed Hillyer, better known as ILYA, is a British comics writer/artist.

His work has appeared in publications from all the major US and UK comics companies, from Fleetway Editions' Crisis, Dark Horse's Manga Mania, Deadline magazine to work for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint.


He is best known for his character Bic who appeared in a self-published series of comics (now collected as Skidmarks) and then as part of the larger cast of The End of The Century Club.

ILYA collaborated with Eddie Campbell on his Bacchus series (Vol II: The Gods of Business), and co-created spin-off title/series The Eyeball Kid.

Between 2006-2008 he edited three volumes of The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga, an anthology presenting the work of an international roster of contributors whose comics show the influence or inspiration of Japanese manga and anime, including: Michiru Morikawa, winner of the International Manga and Anime Festival's grand prize in 2005, previous category winners Asia Alfasi and Joanna Zhou, as well as established UK cartoonists Andi Watson and Craig Conlan.

Ten episodes of his animated online comic strip Jean Genii (originally commissioned by the BBC) are viewable online.[1]

Ed Hillyer's first prose novel, The Clay Dreaming, was published in March 2010 by Myriad Editions.

In 2013, he completed a new graphic novel, Room For Love, about a relationship between a middle-aged romance novelist and a teenage runaway. It was published by SelfMadeHero.




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