IMANI Centre for Policy and Education

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IMANI Center for
Policy and Education
Founded 2004
Founder Franklin Cudjoe
Type Non-profit
Headquarters Accra, Ghana
  • Africa
Services Promoting Peace and Prosperity
Fields Media attention, public advocacy, research, social commentating
Key people
Franklin Cudjoe
CEO, Founder

The 'IMANI' Center for Policy and Education is an African think tank based in Accra, Ghana.[1] As a member of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, the think tank applies free market solutions to intricate domestic social problems.[2][3] It was founded in 2004 by Franklin Cudjoe, who currently serves as the president and chief executive officer.[4][5] The think tank's operations center on these four thematic areas: rule of law, market growth and development, individual rights, and human security and institutional development.[3] IMANI uses the platform as a springboard to reach out to the larger African audience in five international languages, including Swahili.[6][7]IMANI exerts influence in the Ghanaian public education and policy sphere through media appearances, publications, research, and seminars.[8][9] The think tank is ranked by the Global Go To Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, organized annually by the University of Pennsylvania.[10][11] According to the 2009 Index Report, IMANI was ranked fifth most influential in Sub-Saharan Africa,[12] and the only African think tank to make the list of top 25 "Most Innovative" across the world.[13]


IMANI is funded through donations from individuals and foundations.[14] In 2008, the think tank won the $100,000 Dorian & Anthony Fisher Venture Grant[15]


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