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Origin Germany
Genres Electronica, Darkwave
Years active 2007–present
Labels Prussia Records (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Karma Records (South America)
Members Peter Spilles

IMATEM is a musical project initially created in 2007 by Peter Spilles (frontman and mastermind of the German industrial/gothic/darkwave band Project Pitchfork).

This project combines the experiences and the energy of some of the most inspiring musicians and vocal artists of the contemporary gothic/electro scene.

A peculiar characteristic behind the IMATEM project is that, while Peter Spilles entirely composes the music, he often invites renowned fellow musicians to perform the vocals on his compositions.

On the debut Album 'Home' (2007), Spilles sang three songs himself and featured the vocal talents of Der Graf (Unheilig), miLù, Falk Lenn and Lacasa del Cid on other tracks.

On the newest release 'Journey' (2008) Spilles chose to increase and reinforce the collaboration with other singers, so that 8 out of 10 tracks are sung by other artists, such as Ronan Harris (VNV Nation), Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine/Solar Fake), Stefan Grossmann (Absurd Minds), Sara Noxx, Jinxy (Santa Hates You), Jay Smith (Deviant UK), Nick (Legacy Of Music) and Jan Revolution.


  • 2007 - Home (CD)
  • 2008 - Journey (CD)