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IMDEA logo.png
Motto A new way of doing Science
Founded 2006
Focus Research
Key people

IMDEA (Spanish pronunciation: [inˈde.a]) is a project founded by the Madrid Regional Government, included in the IV Regional Plan of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2005-2008 (PRICIT),[1] for the purpose of setting up advanced research centers and higher education and training in the Community of Madrid.[2][3][4][5][6] Between 2006 and 2008 the project created seven IMDEA Institutes.[7]


Each of the IMDEA Institutes is managed by an independent foundation. There are currently seven, each specializing in an area of knowledge, as indicated by their names:

Each of the Institutes is governed and administered by a Board of Trustees, who may be appointed or elected, and who choose a Director. Some of the trustees are well-known scientists, and others are experts in areas related to the foundations' goals, working at universities and other research centers on the Board. Trustees with business experience or recognized professional prestige in the sectors related to the foundations' goals may also be appointed.

Each institute also has a Scientific Council, or Scientific Advisory Board, composed of researchers in the areas related to each Institute's goals. These scientists advise the Director in the development of the annual action plan and the four-year plan of objectives; evaluating the results of both of these plans; advising the Council on all scientific work submitted for its approval; and making proposals to the Council for the renewal and appointment of trustees.


  • In 2014, COLT TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES SAU denounces IMDEA Materials Institute for fraud in using the communication system, asking for a compensation of 149.487,5 euros. [8]
  • In Feb, 2016 the Camara de cuentas de Madrid publishes how IMDEA Water Institute created fictitious contracts. [9]
  • On April, 2016, the European Union stops the payments on the IMDEA Energy Institute building for "severe deficiences in the management and tracking". [10]
  • On April 2017, the current Scientific Director and founder of IMDEA Materials Institute explains in an interview how he proselytizes in the Institute, and how researchers are instructed against divorce and abortion. [11]


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