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IME, NYC (Independent Musician's Entity) was a one-of-a-kind music facility created in New York City by musician Ron Durbin Jr. in 1993. It was formed to help struggling artists get their music heard. It was not only a uniquely designed layout, but a unique idea that assisted thousands over the 8-year period Ron Durbin Jr. owned and ran it. He eventually sold it to a major recording company, and it is not known where or if he opened another facility. Rumor is he was opening a studio in Austin, Texas or Miami Florida and that is not confirmed to date.

IME was located in Hell's Kitchen, NYC on the 8th Floor of the 325 building, it was host to many respected musicians from NYC and around the world. Artists would stop in and record singles and full length albums at the facility and often use the local talent on tracks, as well as bringing their own bands in to record along with them. Artist like Francis Dunnery, Tower of Power, Stephen Harris, Sae1NYC, Usher, SpaceHog and even the Famous Robert Plant were known to have dropped in for a visit, or even to record with the local bands while they were in the studio.

This unique facility was open to all friends of music. Frankie Portalatin (Madonna, Annie Lennox) and popular local studio musicians in the scene soon helped make the IME name a popular one on the scene and highly respected engineers like Rupert Neve were even known to stop in to see what the hubbub was about. All who entered were respected and had respect for the creation and it grew quickly into a well loved site. Although the I.M.E. website is now defunct, it was of the first sites to create a web space for bands to place their music on the internet so anyone on the planet could hear and purchase a ninety nine cent download of their song! Truly ahead of its time, the record execs soon heard of IME and were known to stop in for a surprise visit to check on the bands and see the progress of the success of IME. Creator Ron Durbin was asked by local NARAS Vice President, John Marcus (Grammy Awards) to attend and speak at the digital download conference in 1993 and participated in the conference with Thomas Dolby, Herbie Hancock and many more artists savvy with digital age vision. I.M.E. carved a groove for others to follow and reach out to the rest of the planet through the world's only TRUE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE....MUSIC!

The idea and conceptual tentacles of this creation are still not realized in 2008 and it is a shame that Ron Durbin hasn't put together this same idea with a stronger financial base behind it. This would be a revolutionary change to the music industry and open doors never imagined by the average person. Imagination exponentially realized if it were alive today.

Ron Durbin was a singer in a couple of NYC bands. Ragz and sang with Ralph Santolla in Electric Symphony on Geffen's label. He also sang on Francis Dunnery's Let's go do what happens album.