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IMG Models
IndustryModeling agency
FounderMark McCormack
Area served
North America, Europe, Australia
ParentIMG (company)

IMG Models is an international modeling agency headquartered in New York City and with additional offices in London, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and Sydney.[1] It is a subsidiary of the talent management company International Management Group. The company merged with William Morris Endeavor in 2013.[2] In 2015, the agency represented more than half of the highest paid supermodels.[3] Ivan Bart is the current President, and Lisa Marie Benson is the Vice President.[4][5]


IMG Models was founded circa 1987 by sports agent Mark McCormack.[6] In 1994, Ivan Bart joined the company as the creative director and later became IMG Models' president in 2013.[7] Tyra Banks and Niki Taylor joined, followed by Angela Lindvall, Bridget Hall, Carolyn Murphy, Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss.[8]

In September 2012, IMG decided to reintroduce their men's division, after its dismantling in 2007.[9]

In 2013, Bart decided to sign models without regard to traditional height, weight, race, or age requirements, or other factors that historically have prevented diversity in model casting.[10]

In 2014, IMG Models began a scouting initiative on Instagram called #WLYG (We Love Your Genes).[11] Models that have been discovered through this process include Lameka Fox,[12] Alyssa Traoré,[13] and Gizele Oliveira.[14] They also have done online scouting via their website.


Notable models currently represented by IMG include:


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