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IMSL (International Mathematics and Statistics Library) is a commercial collection of software libraries of numerical analysis functionality that are implemented in the computer programming languages C, Java, C#.NET, and Fortran. A Python interface is also available.

The IMSL Libraries were developed by Visual Numerics, which was acquired in 2009 by Rogue Wave Software, which was acquired in 2019 by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based application software developer Perforce.[1]

Version history[edit]

The first IMSL Library for the Fortran language was released in 1970, followed by a C-language version originally called C/Base in 1991, a Java-language version in 2002 and the C#-language version in 2004.

Several recent product releases have involved making IMSL Library functions available from Python. These releases are Python wrappers to IMSL C Library functions (PyIMSL wrappers) and PyIMSL Studio, a prototyping and production application development environment based on Python and the IMSL C Library. The PyIMSL wrappers were first released in August 2008. PyIMSL Studio was introduced in February 2009. PyIMSL Studio is available for download at no charge for non-commercial use or for commercial evaluation.

Current versions:

  • IMSL C Library V 8.0 – November 2011
  • IMSL C# Library V 6.5.2 – November 2015 (end of life announced as end of 2020)
  • IMSL Fortran Library V 7.0 – October 2010
  • PyIMSL Studio V 1.5 – August 2009
  • PyIMSL wrappers V 1.5 – August 2009
  • JMSL Library V 6.1 – August 2010

Platform availability[edit]

The IMSL Numerical Libraries are supported on various operating systems, hardware and compilers.

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