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iNES (TV service) is a TV service provided by the iNES group.[1] The iNES group is the largest independently owned telecommunications company in Bucharest, with iNES is the first IPTV service provider in Romania, commencing services in 2005.[2][3] iNES is also the first network which provided HD TV in Romania, since November 2008.[4]


The iNES TV service has more than 160 channels[1] and broadcasts programs in Romanian, Hungarian, English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Italian and Turkish.[5] The signal is transmitted to a set top box via a broadband internet connection. iNES Mobile TV live TV broadcasts live television which can be viewed on mobile devices.[citation needed]

In 2009, iNES was the only IPTV provider in Romania, having invested €2,000,000 in the IPTV division.[6]


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