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IndustryAnalytics, automotive, mobility and transportation
FoundedJuly 2004
FoundersBryan Mistele, Craig Chapman
HeadquartersKirkland, Washington, United States
Key people
Bryan Mistele CEO, Mark Daymond CTO, Peter Wengert CRO, Jim Beach CFO
ProductsRoadway traffic and parking information
OwnerPorsche SE (10%)
Number of employees
450 (Aug 2017)

INRIX is a global SaaS and DaaS company that specializes in connected car services and transportation analytics. The company's mission is to provide solutions for today's transportation problems around the world. INRIX provides automakers with services that enhance the driving experience, such as real-time traffic and parking availability. Cities, government agencies and businesses use INRIX to better understand the movement of people, vehicles and goods. INRIX collects data from over 300 million vehicles and devices in 65 countries.


As of June 2016, INRIX collects trillions of bytes of information about roadway speeds and vehicle counts from 300 million real-time anonymous mobile phones, connected cars, trucks, delivery vans, and other fleet vehicles equipped with GPS locator devices.[1] Data are retrieved from consumer cellular GPS-based devices including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone phones, Ford SYNC and Toyota Entune. The data collected is processed in real-time, creating traffic speed information for major freeways, highways and arterials across North America, as well as much of Europe, South America, and Africa.

The company keeps a database of variables that affect traffic, including weather forecasts, special events, school schedules and road construction, and combines them with the real-time probe data collected to turn those variables into traffic predictions.

In July 2011, INRIX announced its intent to acquire Manchester, United Kingdom-based ITIS Holdings for approximately $60 million (£37 million). Previously, ITIS Holdings had acquired Trafficlink, the company best known for providing traffic reporting services to the BBC and other UK-based radio stations.

In June 2014, INRIX and the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement announced that the US out of home advertising industry had standardized their audience measurement vehicle speed data on INRIX data.

On September 10, 2015, INRIX announced its acquisition of ParkMe,[2] a move designed to make INRIX the "preferred provider of parking information and services to leading automakers, transportation agencies and drivers around the world".

On March 9, 2016, INRIX announced its acquisition of OpenCar,[3] an automotive software and services provider focused on making the digital dashboard more intuitive, useful and exciting for drivers.

On February 16, 2017, the company announced its 2016 Global Traffic Scorecard, the largest study of its kind. INRIX analyzed and ranked the impact of congestion in 1,064 cities across 38 countries.

Business applications[edit]

Transportation agencies: INRIX data and insights help transportation agencies manage the day-to-day flow of people and vehicles. Planning departments leverage INRIX data to better understand bottlenecks and plan for future urban mobility and growth. Examples of how INRIX data services are used by the public sector include: operations/system monitoring; work zone monitoring; incident detection/queue monitoring; congestion alerts; routing; performance measures; detection siting; Origin-Destination studies; freight transport analytics; drive testing replacement; planning; and modeling.

Auto makers: INRIX provides global automakers with content and technology for their connected car services including real-time traffic, traffic-influenced routing, on and off street parking info, road safety alerts and in-vehicle content experiences.

Fleets: INRIX provides traffic, safety and navigation insights for managing entire fleets of vehicles, improving productivity and safety and enabling the monitoring of driver behavior.

Enterprise: INRIX provides data and analytical tools to a variety of enterprises including those in retail, real estate, out of home advertising, and insurance.

Consumer applications[edit]

INRIX in-car solutions provide valuable content for helping drivers get around quickly and safely.[citation needed] The Inrix Traffic app for Android shows traffic mapping and estimates, but does not give turn-by-turn directions.[4]


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