INRI (Psyclon Nine album)

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Psyclon Nine - INRI - Metropolis.jpg
Studio album by Psyclon Nine
Released April 26, 2005 (2005-04-26)[1]
Recorded 2005 at Pod 6 Studios and Corrosive Audio Studios in San Francisco, California
Genre Aggrotech
Length 60:35
Language English
Label Metropolis Records
Producer Marshall Carnage and Eric Gottesman
Psyclon Nine chronology
Divine Infekt
Crwn Thy Frnicatr
Alternative cover
NoiTekk and Gravitator Records album cover
NoiTekk and Gravitator Records album cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Chain D.L.K. 4.5/5 stars[2]

INRI is Psyclon Nine's second studio album, released on April 26, 2005 by Metropolis Records in the US, and NoiTekk in Germany. INRI comes from the Latin phrase which, translated into English, means "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews".[3] The songs are of the dark, aggrotech genre focusing on religious themes. The album contains a cover of Ministry's "You Know What You Are". The original album cover was changed because of nudity. It would only be sold in European stores. The new cover is that of the band's logo and bloody wings lying below it.


Track listing[edit]

  1. "INRI" (Ner0, Eric Gottesman) – 6:11
  2. "Behind a Serrated Grin" (Ner0) – 4:51
  3. "The Feeding" (Ner0, Gottesman) – 4:09
  4. "Lamb of God" (Ner0, Gottesman, Josef Heresy) – 5:06
  5. "Hymn to the Angels' Descent" (Ner0, Gottesman) – 4:37
  6. "Rape This World" (Ner0, Heresy) – 4:34
  7. "The Feeble Mind" (Ner0, Gottesman) – 4:43
  8. "Requiem for the Christian Era" (Gottesman) – 3:16
  9. "Faith: Disease" (Ner0, Heresy, Gottesman) – 4:36
  10. "Harlot" (Ner0, Gottesman) – 5:05
  11. "The Unfortunate" (Ner0) – 2:50
  12. "Nothing Left" (Ner0, Gottesman) – 6:17
  13. "You Know What You Are" (Ministry) – 4:17 (Ministry cover)

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United States April 26, 2005 Metropolis Records CD MET 369
Germany April 26, 2005 Noitekk CD NTK 018
Russia November 14, 2007[4] Gravitator Records CD GRR 052