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The Grande Région (French) or Großregion (German) programme lies within the Interreg IV A programme of the European Union's European Regional Development Fund. It facilitates cooperation between project partners from the different parts of the Greater Region of Luxembourg: Luxembourg (the country), the Belgian provinces of Luxembourg and Liège, the French Lorraine region as well as the Saarland and large parts of Rhineland-Palatinate. The programme covers the period 2007-2013.[1] Projects approved within the programme receive financial aid of up to 50% of their budget.


The following programmes were forerunners of the current INTERREG IV Greater Region programme:[2]


The programme facilitates cross-border cooperation among the different stakeholders of the Greater Region and promotes the realisation of local and regional projects.

Programme partners[edit]

Eleven bodies within the Greater Region are the programme partners:

  • the government of Luxembourg, Ministry of the Interior and Spatial Planning
  • the government of Wallonia
  • the government of the French community of Belgium
  • the government of the German-speaking community of Belgium
  • the council of the Meuse département in France
  • the council of the Meurthe-et-Moselle département
  • the council of the Moselle département]
  • the préfecture of Lorraine region in France
  • the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany
  • the Ministry of Economy and Science of Saarland


The programme has three main focuses: "economy", "space" and "humans".


The aim is to boost competitiveness of the interregional economy, to promote innovation and improve the labour market.

  • Scheme 1.1 – Promotion of innovation
  • Scheme 1.2 – Promotion of common projects to strengthen the economic structure
  • Scheme 1.3 – Development of cross-border economic infrastructure
  • Scheme 1.4 – Encouragement of cross-border working
  • Scheme 1.5 – Promotion of the tourist offer


Improve the quality of life, enhance of the attractiveness of the different areas and protection of the environment.

  • Scheme 2.1 – Promotion of spatial development policy
  • Scheme 2.2 – Promotion of mobility in the Greater Region
  • Scheme 2.3 – Upgrading and safeguarding of the environment


Promote acquisition and diffusion of knowledge, use of cultural resources and strengthening of social cohesion.

  • Scheme 3.1 – Cooperation in education and continuing education
  • Scheme 3.2 – Strengthening of university cooperation
  • Scheme 3.3 – Encouragement of cooperation in health care management
  • Scheme 3.4 – Encouragement of cooperation in social work
  • Scheme 3.5 – Encouragement and upgrading of culture and cooperation in the media

Approved projects[edit]

As of 2010 66 projects have been approved and will get financial support from Interreg.


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