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Official logo of INVAP.

INVAP S.E. is an Argentine company that provides design, integration, construction and delivery of equipment, plants and devices. The company operates in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and delivers projects for nuclear, aerospace, chemical, medical, petroleum and governmental sectors.

INVAP was created in 1976, as a spin-off of the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission, research laboratories division. The company is an unlisted private company, the sole owner being the Province of Río Negro. Its headquarters is in San Carlos de Bariloche. As of 2015, the company directly employs 1330 people, from which 59% are highly qualified professionals.[1]


SAC-A satellite in space

INVAP was the first company in Latin America certified by NASA (the US (National) Aeronautics and Space Administration) to supply space technologies.[1] It constructs satellites, payloads, and ground stations, including the SAC ("Satelites de Aplicación Científica") satellite family, developed for the Argentine space agency CONAE. INVAP was the first company in Latin America to provide design, development, mission control and operational support.[2]

The SAC-D was put into orbit on June 9, 2011, carrying several scientific payloads, including NASA's $100 million Aquarius project, which will measure the oceans' salinity.[3] ARSAT-1 - the first communications satellite entirely built in Argentina - was launched in 2014, while a second satellite in the series, ARSAT-2 was launched in September 2015.[4][5]

Nuclear projects[edit]

In the field of nuclear projects, the company specializes in the design and construction of nuclear research reactors, radioisotope production plants, nuclear fuel manufacturing plants, uranium enrichment facilities, neutron beam transport systems, radiation protection instrumentation, reactor protection systems, and modernization and refurbishment of research reactors. INVAP also conducts consultancy and research activities for nuclear power plant suppliers in areas such as nuclear reactor fuels, isotope separation by lasers and reactor core reshuffling studies for nuclear power plants.

INVAP has constructed and installed the following nuclear reactors:

Country Location Name Notes
 Algeria Algiers NUR Sold to Haut Commisariat pour la Recherche of the Algerian government.
 Argentina Bariloche RA-6 For CNEA.
Argentina Pilcaniyeu RA-8 For CNEA.
Argentina Lima, Zárate [6] CAREM For CNEA.
 Australia Sydney OPAL Sold to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).
 Egypt Cairo ETRR-2 Sold to the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority.
 Peru Lima RP-0 Provision of nuclear instrumentation to the Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear.
Peru Huarangal RP-10 Provision of nuclear instrumentation to the Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear.
 Iran Tehran NUR For AEOI.

On 2009, INVAP and the Spanish group Isolux were pre-selected in an international tender, known as the PALLAS project. This entails the procurement of an 80 MW nuclear reactor for the Dutch city of Petten [7] ( see Petten nuclear reactor ) but on February 2010, the Dutch radiopharmaceutical producer Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) extended the preparatory phase up to end of the year for financing [8]

On 2010 INVAP and CITEDEF completed the development and readied for testing a method that used a laser to remove the radioactive components from heavy water which is used to cool nuclear reactors.[9]

Other projects commissioned[edit]

Radar Inkan at Quilmes

See also[edit]

  • CONAE - National space agency
  • ARSAT - Government owned communication company
  • CEATSA - Environmental testing company owned in association with ARSAT.


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