IOF .32 Revolver

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IOF .32 revolver
Place of originIndia[1]
Production history
ManufacturerIndian Ordnance Factory
Mass700 g (25 oz)
Length177.8 mm (7.00 in)
Barrel length76.2 mm (3.00 in)

Cartridge.32 S&W Long (7.65mm x 23mm)[2]
Caliber.32 (7.65 mm)
ActionDouble-action revolver, break action
Feed systemSix-round cylinder
SightsFixed open sights

IOF .32 Revolver (also known as IOF 32 Revolver) is a 6-shot handgun designed and manufactured by the Ordnance Factories Organization in India[1][3] and is meant for short range.[4] It is a 'Break Action' self-extracting revolver[5] and uses the .32 Smith & Wesson Long (7.65mm x 23mm) cartridge.[6] It is based on the Webley Mk IV .38 S&W revolver, specifically the Singapore Police Force version with a safety catch. The smaller caliber was chosen so that it would be legal for civilian ownership under Indian law.

It is priced at Rs.79,263 (ex-Kanpur) due to a lack of competition from private manufacturers.[7]

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