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Original author(s) William Norcott
Stable release
3.408 / May 10, 2012; 4 years ago (2012-05-10)
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Benchmark

IOzone is a file system benchmark utility.[1][2] Originally made by William Norcott, further enhanced by Don Capps and others..

Source code is available from It does mmap() file I/O and uses POSIX Threads.

It won the 2007 Infoworld Bossie Awards for Best file I/O tool.[3][4]

The Windows version of IOzone uses Cygwin. Builds are available for AIX, BSDI, HP-UX, IRIX, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OSFV3, OSFV4, OSFV5, SCO OpenServer, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP).

It is available as a test profile in the Phoronix Test Suite.[5]


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