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IP-XACT is an XML format that defines and describes electronic components and their designs. IP-XACT was created by the SPIRIT Consortium as a standard to enable automated configuration and integration through tools.[1]

The goals of the standard are

  • to ensure delivery of compatible component descriptions from multiple component vendors,
  • to enable exchanging complex component libraries between electronic design automation (EDA) tools for SoC design (design environments),
  • to describe configurable components using metadata, and
  • to enable the provision of EDA vendor-neutral scripts for component creation and configuration (generators, configurators).

Approved as IEEE 1685-2009 on December 9, 2009, published on February 18, 2010.[2] Superseded by IEEE 1685-2014. IEEE 1685-2009 was adopted as IEC 62014-4:2015.

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