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Type of business Internet
Founded 2002
Headquarters Penang, Malaysia
Website IP2Location.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 7,572 (April 2014)[1]

IP2Location is a Malaysian company offering IP geolocation software applications, i.e. tools that attempt to derive geographical data (country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone), and also connection speed, ISP and domain name, about an Internet user using their IP addresses.[2] IP2Location.com is a subsidiary of Hexasoft Development Sdn. Bhd. ("HDSB"), a company based in Penang.[3]

The software can be integrated with database management systems such as MySQL, SQL Server or others. It comes with API in several programming languages .NET,[4] Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, PHP, ColdFusion,[5] Perl, Ruby and Python. IP2Location has been used by many other applications such as Wikiscanner.[6]

Accuracy and criticism[edit]

IP2Location does not always identify location correctly, for example IP addresses from Orange and Proxad ISP in France (the largest two ISPs in France) are reported as located in Paris, regardless of the actual position, according to a research paper done at the University of Toronto on IP2Location.[7] Proxy servers and virtual private networks may not be identified by IP Location and thus any claims of identify a computer's physical location may not be accurate.


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