World ParaAthletics Championships

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World ParaAthletics Championships
Sport Athletics
Founded 1994
Continent International (IPC)
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The World ParaAthletics Championships, known as the IPC Athletics World Championships prior to 2017, is an event organized by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Athletes with a physical disability compete, and in a few events athletes with an intellectual disability compete. Originally it was organised every four years, but this changed in 2011 and it is now organised biennially.[1]

The first IPC Athletics World Championships was held in Berlin, Germany in 1994.[2][3]

They are a de facto parallel to the IAAF World Championships in Athletics for able-bodied athletes, and are held in the same years as the IAAF championships, although they are not organised separately by the respective governing bodies. London, who previously hosted both the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics, will become the first city to host both the IAAF World Championships in Athletics and World ParaAthletics Championships in the same year.[4][5] The London event will also be the first branded as the "World ParaAthletics Championships".


Edition Year City Country Date Venue No. of
No. of
Best Nation
1st 1994 (details) Berlin  Germany 22–31 July Berlin Olympiastadion 1154
2nd 1998 (details) Birmingham  United Kingdom 6–16 August Alexander Stadium over 1000
3rd 2002 (details) Lille  France 20–28 July Stadium Nord Lille Métropole  China
4th 2006 (details) Assen  Netherlands 2–10 September Sports Park Stadsbroek  China
5th 2011 (details) Christchurch  New Zealand 21–30 January Queen Elizabeth II Park 213 1060  China
6th 2013 (details) Lyon  France 19–28 July Stade du Rhône 207 1073  Russia
7th 2015 (details) Doha  Qatar 22–31 October Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium 212 1230  China
8th 2017 (details) London  United Kingdom 14–23 July Olympic Stadium, Stratford


  • F = field athletes
  • T = track athletes
  • P = pentathlon
  • 11-13 – visually impaired, 11 and 12 compete with a sighted guide
  • 20 – intellectual disability
  • 31-38 – cerebral palsy or other conditions that affect muscle co-ordination and control. Athletes in class 31-34 compete in a seated position; athletes in class 35-38 compete standing.
  • 40-46 – amputation, les autre
  • 51-58 – wheelchair athletes

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