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IPS Flooring:Stands for “Indian Patent Stone”/Indian Patent Flooring” It is normal type of Concrete flooring and cheapest method of flooring. Generally it is a better substitute of Tile, granite and Marble flooring. Indian Patent Stone or IPS flooring can be grey or colored. When red, it is also referred to commonly as "red oxide flooring" and was used extensively in old houses. It is a basic but beautiful flooring which provides good wearing properties. It can be used for all types of floors – industrial commercial or residential. You can decide the thickness of the IPS flooring as per the requirement of work; In residential floor 50 to 75 mm floor thickness is sufficient whereas industrial floor thickness should be kept between 100mm to 150 mm.IPS can be coloured and given either a wax coat or a sealer coat to help preserve the color and prevent stains.

What is the procedure of laying IPS flooring Indian Patent Stone flooring specification and procedure?

Concrete (1:2:4) with water cement ratio of 0.5 shall be laid in bays of suitable sizes but not exceeding 6 sq.m. each, and to required slope in a chess board alternate panel fashion and neatly finished smooth in red colour with lines drawn as directed. Concrete shall be laid in two layers. Bottom layer shall be 25 to 30 mm thick with 10 mm to 6mm graded stone aggregates and shall be finished rough. Top layer shall be 15 mm thick with 6 mm and down size aggregates. This layer shall be thoroughly tamped, spread, trowelled and finished smooth with a floating coat of neat cement. The concrete shall be coast against teakwood stop-off boards, which shall be removed only after the concrete is set. No dry cement shall be allowed to be used for finishing the surface. Mechanical mixing of concrete may be resorted to. The surface shall be kept well watered after it is dry for a period of 8 days. Where specified a floor hardner (ironite powder) of approved quality shall be supplied and used if recommended by the manufacturer.