IQ 151

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IQ 151
IQ 151 - Front View
ManufacturerZPA Nový Bor
Typepersonal computer
Release date1985; 37 years ago (1985)
CPUTesla MHB8080A (copy of Intel 8080) CPU @ 2 MHz
Memory32 KB RAM (later on 64 KB), 4 KB ROM
IQ 151 - Rear View

The IQ 151 was a personal computer produced by ZPA Nový Bor in the former Czechoslovakia.

It had a Tesla MHB8080A (copy of Intel 8080) CPU / 2 MHz, 32 KB RAM (later on 64 KB), 4 KB ROM, with video output and the BASIC programming language as external modules. It was primarily used in Czech schools, while in Slovakia the PMD 85 series were used instead.

This computer was produced locally due to a lack of foreign currency with which to buy systems from the West.[citation needed] After the fall of Communism in 1989, production of the IQ 151 was stopped since it was not competitive in terms of price, quality or features compared to modern PCs.

This computer had persistent tendencies to overheat under even a light workload and thus the common joke about it was "it's an excellent coffee mug heater." It also had poor membrane keyboard in comparison with slightly more advanced PMD 85.

The mainboard contained only CPU, supporting ICs and memory. Everything else was added by expanding modules, and base of them were very limited.

Elementary expansion modules[edit]

Basic 6 - an interpreter of programming language.

Video 32 - a video generator, producing text and semigraphics at raster 32 columns and 32 rows.

Advanced expansion modules[edit]

Video 64 - allowed 64 characters at row.

Grafik - adding true monochromatic graphics at raster 512 x 256 points.

Basic G - adding graphical function to base set.

Pascal - editor and compiler of the programming language

Assembler - low level programming language

AD/DA - converter for measuring of analog components.

MS 151 - driver unit for czechoslovak plotter XY4130.

MINIGRAPH - driver unit for czechoslovak plotter Aritma 0507

STAPPER - driver unit for printer and punched tape unit

SESTYK - serial communication networking

DISC 2 - floppy drive controller for 8" diskette drive. An unlicensed CP/M clone was used. Due conflict of addressing of EPROMs wasn't allowed with modules Basic G and Pascal(!)


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