IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award

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IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award
Awarded for The most outstanding paper reporting original work in any of the IEEE Transactions, Journals, Magazines, or Proceedings
Reward(s) The award consists of a certificate and honorarium
First awarded 1956
Last awarded 2015[1]

IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award provided by the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), was created in 1956 from a donation from Walter R. G. Baker (1892-1960) to the IRE. The award continued to be awarded by the Board of Directors of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), after the IRE organization merged into the IEEE in 1963. Recipients received a certificate and honorarium "for the most outstanding paper reporting original work" in one of the IEEE publications, including the transactions, journals, proceedings, and magazines of the IEEE Societies.[2] The award was discontinued in 2016.[1]


The following people received the IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award:[3][4]


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