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IRIDA Records was an American classical music record label focusing particularly on contemporary classical music. It was established by Jerry Hunt in 1979, and was based in Canton, Texas.[1] The label released at least seven sound recordings featuring works by Hunt, James Fulkerson, Larry Austin, Rodney Waschka II, Dary John Mizelle, and others.[2] In addition, apparently at least one film by Michael Schell was distributed by the label.[3] The label went out of business in the early 1990s.


  • "Jerry Hunt" (1979) [4]

Various works by Jerry Hunt

  • "Texas Music"

Works by Hunt, Philip Krumm, and Jerry Willingham

  • "Dary John Mizelle"

Various works by Mizelle

  • "Larry Austin: Hybrid Musics" (1980)

Various works by Larry Austin

  • "James Fulkerson: Works" (1980) [5]

Various works by Fulkerson

  • "BL Lacerta" (1982) [6]

Works by the Texas improvisation group BL Lacerta including a live recording

  • "Cartography" (1986) [7]

Works by Gene De Lisa, Robert Keefe, and Rodney Waschka II

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