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1976–77 International Race of Champions
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A. J. Foyt (seen in 2015) won the IROC IV championship

The fourth year of IROC competition took place over three weekends in 1976 and 1977. IROC IV saw the use of the Chevrolet Camaro in all races, and the schedule was held over in its entirety from IROC III. A. J. Foyt won the championship without winning a race for the second year in a row, and took home $50,000 for his efforts.

The roster of drivers and final points standings were as follows: [1]

Position Driver Winnings Series
1 United States A. J. Foyt $50,000 USAC Champ Car
2 United States Cale Yarborough $25,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
3 United States Bobby Unser $23,000 USAC Champ Car
4 United States Johnny Rutherford $20,000 USAC Champ Car
5 United States Buddy Baker $18,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
6 United States Richard Petty $15,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
7 United States Al Holbert $13,000 IMSA Camel GT
8 United States Al Unser $10,500 USAC Champ Car
9 United States David PearsonAll $10,500 NASCAR Winston Cup
10 South Africa Jody Scheckter3 $5,000 Formula One
11 United States Gordon Johncock $5,000 USAC Champ Car
12 United Kingdom James Hunt1 $5,000 Formula One

Race results[edit]

Michigan International Speedway, Race One[edit]

  1. Buddy Baker
  2. Johnny Rutherford
  3. A. J. Foyt
  4. Jody Scheckter
  5. Al Unser
  6. Richard Petty
  7. Gordon Johncock
  8. Al Holbert
  9. Cale Yarborough
  10. David Pearson
  11. Bobby Unser
  12. James Hunt

Riverside International Raceway, Race Two[edit]

  1. Bobby Unser
  2. David Pearson
  3. Richard Petty
  4. Al Holbert
  5. Johnny Rutherford
  6. Buddy Baker
  7. Al Unser
  8. A. J. Foyt
  9. Cale Yarborough
  10. Gordon Johncock
  11. Jody Scheckter

Riverside International Raceway, Race Three[edit]

  1. Cale Yarborough
  2. A. J. Foyt
  3. Jody Scheckter
  4. Bobby Unser
  5. Al Unser
  6. Al Holbert
  7. Johnny Rutherford
  8. Buddy Baker
  9. Richard Petty
  10. Gordon Johncock
  11. David Pearson

Daytona International Speedway, Race Four[edit]

  1. Cale Yarborough
  2. A. J. Foyt
  3. Bobby Unser
  4. Richard Petty
  5. Johnny Rutherford
  6. David Pearson
  7. Al Holbert
  8. Buddy Baker
  9. Al Unser


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