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1995 International Race of Champions
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Dale Earnhardt (seen in 1985), the IROC XIX champion

The nineteenth year of IROC competition took place in 1995. IROC XIX was the second and final year the Dodge Avenger was used in competition, and continued the format introduced in IROC XVIII. Race one took place on the Daytona International Speedway, race two took place at Darlington Raceway, race three ran at Talladega Superspeedway, and the year finished at Michigan International Speedway. Dale Earnhardt won his second series championship, and took home $225,000 for his efforts.

The roster of drivers and final points standings were as follows: [1]

Position Driver Points Winnings Series
1 United States Dale Earnhardt 61 $225,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
2 United States Mark Martin 57 $100,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
3 United States Scott Pruett 53 $60,000 Indy Car
4 United States Jeff Gordon 51 $50,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
5 United States Tom Kendall 49 $45,000 SCCA Trans-Am Series
6 United States Ken Schrader 43 $40,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
7 United States Al Unser, Jr.1 42 $40,000 Indy Car
8 United States Steve Kinser1 42 $40,000 World of Outlaws
9 United States Rusty Wallace 33 $40,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
10 United States Ricky Rudd 32 $40,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
11 United States Hurley Haywood 22 $40,000 IMSA World Sports Car
12 New Zealand Steve Millen 20 $40,000 IMSA World Sports Car

Race results[edit]

Daytona International Speedway, Race One[edit]

  1. Dale Earnhardt
  2. Scott Pruett
  3. Ken Schrader
  4. Ricky Rudd
  5. Rusty Wallace
  6. Tom Kendall
  7. Steve Kinser
  8. Mark Martin
  9. Steve Millen
  10. Al Unser, Jr.
  11. Jeff Gordon
  12. Hurley Haywood

Darlington Raceway, Race Two[edit]

  1. Mark Martin
  2. Jeff Gordon
  3. Ken Schrader
  4. Tom Kendall
  5. Scott Pruett
  6. Hurley Haywood
  7. Steve Kinser
  8. Dale Earnhardt
  9. Steve Millen
  10. Rusty Wallace
  11. Ricky Rudd
  12. Al Unser, Jr.2

Talladega Superspeedway, Race Three[edit]

  1. Dale Earnhardt
  2. Steve Kinser
  3. Mark Martin
  4. Scott Pruett
  5. Jeff Gordon
  6. Tom Kendall
  7. Ken Schrader
  8. Ricky Rudd
  9. Rusty Wallace
  10. Steve Millen
  11. Hurley Haywood
  12. Al Unser, Jr.2

Michigan International Speedway, Race Four[edit]

  1. Al Unser, Jr.
  2. Tom Kendall
  3. Jeff Gordon
  4. Scott Pruett
  5. Mark Martin
  6. Steve Kinser
  7. Rusty Wallace
  8. Ken Schrader
  9. Hurley Haywood
  10. Ricky Rudd
  11. Dale Earnhardt
  12. Steve Millen3


  1. Al Unser, Jr. and Steve Kinser tied for 7th place in the final championship standings, but Unser, Jr. was awarded the position due to a higher finishing position in the final race.
  2. Al Unser, Jr. did not start races two and three due to injury
  3. Steve Millen did not compete in race four


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