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1993 International Race of Champions
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Davey Allison posthumously won the IROC XVII championship

The seventeenth year of IROC competition took place in 1993. IROC XVII was the fourth and final year the Dodge Daytona was used in competition, and continued the format introduced in IROC VIII. Race one took place on the Daytona International Speedway, race two took place at Darlington Raceway, race three was held at Talladega Superspeedway, and race four ran at Michigan International Speedway. Davey Allison won the series championship posthumously after being killed in a helicopter accident at the Talladega Superspeedway. With only one race remaining, Terry Labonte drove the final race, and the points from that race, applied to Allison's previous total, were enough to secure the championship. The winnings of $175,000 were placed in a trust fund for Allison's children.

The roster of drivers and final points standings were as follows: [1]

Position Driver Points Winnings Series
1 United States Davey Allison1 63 $175,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
2 United States Al Unser, Jr. 60.5 $65,000 Indy Car
3 United States Bill Elliott 50 $55,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
4 United States Ricky Rudd 49 $50,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
5 United States Alan Kulwicki 2 47 $45,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
6 Australia Geoff Brabham3 44 $40,000 IMSA Camel GT
7 United States Harry Gant3 44 $40,000 NASCAR Winston Cup
8 United States Jack Baldwin 37 $40,000 SCCA Trans-Am Series
9 United States Davy Jones 34 $40,000 IMSA Camel GT
10 Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio II4 27 $40,000 IMSA Camel GT
11 Netherlands Arie Luyendyk 24.5 $40,000 Indy Car
12 United States Al Unser 21 $40,000 Indy Car

Race results[edit]

Daytona International Speedway, Race One[edit]

  1. Bill Elliott
  2. Davey Allison
  3. Al Unser, Jr.
  4. Davy Jones
  5. Ricky Rudd
  6. Arie Luyendyk
  7. Geoff Brabham
  8. Harry Gant
  9. Alan Kulwicki
  10. Juan Manuel Fangio II
  11. Jack Baldwin
  12. Al Unser

Darlington Raceway, Race Two[edit]

  1. Davey Allison
  2. Dale Earnhardt5
  3. Harry Gant
  4. Rusty Wallace6
  5. Ricky Rudd
  6. Juan Manuel Fangio II
  7. Davy Jones
  8. Jack Baldwin
  9. Al Unser
  10. Bill Elliott
  11. Alan Kulwicki
  12. Geoff Brabham

Talladega Superspeedway, Race Three[edit]

  1. Al Unser, Jr.
  2. Jack Baldwin
  3. Dale Earnhardt7
  4. Ricky Rudd
  5. Juan Manuel Fangio II
  6. Davey Allison
  7. Harry Gant
  8. Geoff Brabham
  9. Davy Jones
  10. Arie Luyendyk
  11. Al Unser
  12. Bill Elliott

Michigan International Speedway, Race Four[edit]

  1. Geoff Brabham
  2. Bill Elliott
  3. Al Unser, Jr.
  4. Harry Gant
  5. Dale Earnhardt7
  6. Terry Labonte8
  7. Ricky Rudd
  8. Arie Luyendyk
  9. Davy Jones
  10. Jack Baldwin
  11. Al Unser
  12. Juan Manuel Fangio II4


  1. Davey Allison was awarded the championship posthumously. Terry Labonte drove the final race in Allison's place, and Labonte's points were added to Allison's point total.
  2. Alan Kulwicki was killed in a plane crash on April 1, 1993. Dale Earnhardt drove in his place, and all the points Earnhardt earned were applied to Kulwicki's point total. The prize money for finishing fifth in points was donated to the Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary, Brenner Children's Hospital and St. Thomas Aquinas Church charities.[2]
  3. Geoff Brabham and Harry Gant tied for sixth place in the final points standings, but Brabham was awarded the position due to a better finishing position in the final race.
  4. Juan Manuel Fangio II withdrew from the series before the final race.
  5. Dale Earnhardt started in place of an injured Al Unser, Jr., Earnhardt was awarded no points for the race, and Unser, Jr. shared 11th and 12th place points with Arie Luyendyk, who also did not start due to injury.
  6. Rusty Wallace started in place of an injured Arie Luyendyk. Wallace did not receive points for the start, and Luyendyk shared 11th and 12th place points with Al Unser, Jr., who also did not start due to injury.
  7. Dale Earnhardt took the place of the late Alan Kulwicki beginning with race three, and all points earned were added to Kulwicki's total.
  8. Terry Labonte drove in place of the late Davey Allison for the final race, with all points earned added to Allison's total.


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