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ResQ Systems, LLC
Headquarters15346 S Keeler
Olathe, KS 66062
913.390.1035 (fax)
Area served
United States
Number of employees
22 (2009)

iResQ is a DBA of ResQ Systems, LLC, an Internet-based company founded in 1994 and located in Olathe, Kansas. iResQ diagnoses and repairs Apple products and the Sony PSP.[1] iResQ also sells accessories and parts in addition to its repair and upgrade services.[2]


The company provides diagnostic and repair services for iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks/MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, and PSPs. Battery recycling services are also available, and the company is an official rechargeable battery collection site in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s Call2Recycle program.[3] iResQ also buys used or broken iPods, iPhones, Mac portables, and Mac desktops for parts and refurbishing .

In 2008 the company was named an Apple-authorized service provider[4] which allows iResQ to diagnose problems and perform repairs for customers under Apple’s warranty program. Today, iResQ is no longer an Apple-authorized service provider and does not accept Apple Warranties.[5]

In February 2009, iResQ announced that it was partnering with a local recycling facility that redistributes surplus electronics to nonprofit organizations. It will also have its cardboard and paper waste processed.[6]

Previous names[edit]

The company was originally named “MacWorks” in 1994 and changed to ResQ Systems, LLC in 2001. By 2007, the names “iPodResQ,” “PowerBookResQ,” “InkResQ,” “PowerMacResQ,” and “MacBookResQ” were used for different divisions. In February 2007 the company announced the new name—iResQ—encompassing the various repair services under one brand.[7]

The Dead iPod Song[edit]

iResQ attracted some attention after sponsoring a video created by the Internet-based comedians and filmmakers Rhett and Link.[8] The idea originated out of a contest when a fan responded to the website’s “Submit-a-Song” program by asking the duo to produce a video about what to do with a dead iPod.[9] The song was released in February 2008.[10] Featuring a cameo by viral video comedian iJustine, it has received over 2 million views on YouTube as of April 2018.[11]


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