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iS-DOS is a disk operating system for Russian ZX Spectrum clones. iS-DOS has been developed in 1990 or 1991, by Iskra Soft (Leningrad, USSR).

It handles floppy disks (double sided, with double density), hard disks, and CD-ROM. Maximum iS-DOS partition size on a hard disk is 16 MiB.

Unlike TR-DOS, iS-DOS is a RAM-based operating system, which reduces amount of memory for user programs.


iS-DOS Chic is a version developed for Nemo KAY. It provides more memory for user programs.

TASiS is a modern version developed by NedoPC for ATM Turbo 2+ in 2006. It supports text mode and high memory of this machine. It is based on iS-DOS Chic.


  • Slot Ltd (Moscow) distributed iS-DOS in Moscow and regions in 1990s, and issued paper books.
  • Nemo (Saint-Petersburg) distributed iS-DOS in ex-USSR until 2004, and issued Open Letters electronic press.
  • iS-DOS Support Team (Saratov Oblast) distributes iS-DOS in ex-USSR and issues iS-Files electronic press.
  • NedoPC distributes TASiS as freeware.


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