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The ISAF Team Racing World Championship is a team racing event[1] now held every two years by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The first Team Racing World Championships were held in West Kirby, Great Britain in 1995. Great Britain won and so became the first nation to record its name on the ISAF Team Racing World Trophy, donated to ISAF by the West Kirby Sailing Club. A youth Championship (under 21) began running in parallel with the main event since 2005. Summary information on the first three events is tabled below - full information will be found on the Team Racing Championships results page of the ISAF website.[2] The appearance of West Kirby as the first championship host club reflects the Club's pivotal role in promoting team racing – fostered by the activities of the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society.

This article seems unnecessary because there is already a good general Wikipedia article on team racing and a history of the World Championship competition and its results are maintained on the World Sailing (formerly ISAF) website - as referenced above.

Results of First Three Championships[edit]

Year   Location Winning Nation   Youth Winners
1995 West Kirby, Great Britain Great Britain
1998 Miami, United States United States
1999 Dun Laoghaire, Ireland New Zealand

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